Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Dewsbury Town Hall, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 5th April 2014.

Our event at Dewsbury Town Hall was our sixth visit and one we couldn't wait to begin with its majestic clock tower been the most prominent spectacle you see as you drive down the hill towards Dewsbury.  This imposing grade 2 listed building is full of original stained glass windows, wood panelling, beautiful columns and ornate ceilings. The Town Hall contains an intimate 700 seat concert hall, spectacular function and meeting rooms, plus it also contains the Old Court Room.   With all this in the forefront of our minds and it was an exciting drive as we spoke of what may happen at this grandest of Town halls. Unfortunately we had to dispense with our customary walk around the building due to the immense size and many rooms and corridors of Dewsbury Town Hall. We decided to do a large group vigil in the theatre room with our fearless ghost hunters, starting by trying the Singapore theory which is to use something the spirits may be attached to or have used whilst on the earth plane.   Its common knowledge that Wallace Hartley played a concert in this very room the night before he set sail on the titanic, (Dewsbury is his hometown) we had recently been given a mock of his pass onto the Titanic which we placed on a table and played the tune they were playing as they ship sunk "Nearer My God to Thee"  this had fab results and almost everyone noticed a change in the atmosphere and temperature! Guests also mentioned the mood in the room seemed to have turned sombre!   Lesley one of our team leaders commented she could hear banging from the changing rooms, so Simon one of our brave ghost hunter's went with Lesley and confirmed every time we called out Wallace Hartleys name the banging go louder and louder.   We also had people reporting at this point hey could hear footsteps above them in the gallery and although we had a filming crew with us who were up there, not one person was moving at all.   At this point we decided to split into our groups and venture into different parts of the building. In the Cells area Rosey`s group made contact with a spirit who claimed o be an ex policeman, and was happy flirting with the ladies of the group. But in a later vigil in he Cells area one group had a very intense vigil where they all felt the presence of a family of 3 giving names of Caroline and Jay Jay Wilkens  (including a baby) which actually reduced more than one of the group to  tears. Thankfully between the group they managed to have helped his family move on and the whole group felt as though the room instantly felt happier. Moments like this make our job so worthwhile.   In a vigil with Veronica, Danni, and Donna the group were amazed while using a Franks box they clearly heard their names mentioned and Veronica was shocked to be called a bitch via the Franks box as well.   Stuart and Nigel reported an exit door slamming or banging in the ballroom at the same moment the table began to move in a table tipping experiement, this had most of the group petrified and scared at the sound of the door banging.   Lots of tapping on request and some K2 on the stage and shadows in the balcony were recorded by both Jez and Chris in the ballroom.   The robe room with Nigel and Stuart was a hive of activity as a group of ghost hunters experienced some excellent work via the Ovilus, with names been mentioned in the group and the words court and justice been mentioned too when in the Judges Robe Room.   At the end of the event we all agreed it had been a fantastic night of activity with glass and table work as well as valid communication via the Franks box and Ovilus.