Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Fort Paull, Hull, With Simply Ghost Nights, 17th May 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights first excursion to Fort Paull, with a history so steeped in the defence of the English realm, a fort or defensive position had been on the site since before Napoleon times. With a maize of corridors and rooms and a Beverley plane as well as a train carriage from the war, this investigation would be not only unique but one not to miss too. Simply Ghost Nights were joined by our good friend Most Haunted's Chris Conway on his first investigation at this venue too. With each vigil area a short walk from each other we decided to dispense with the customary walk around and get straight onto our investigation of Fort Paull. In the main group vigil which we conducted in the large room in the underground bunker, we attempted a human pendulum with Sophie who moved backwards and forwards to our questions, the group learned that through Sophie that we were in contact with a female spirit who claimed to have lived in 1834, and this spirit lady also claimed to have lived locally to the Fort. One of the most bizarre occurrences of the night was in one of many rooms in which Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium and Simon one of Simply Ghost Nights investigators. The group were all calling out for spirit activity when from within the shadowy darkness of the room where nobody was situated they all heard a deep guttural voice say hello, and quickly followed by a bright light which vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Rosey spoke of how in the carriage a group of ghost hunters had heard the most fantastic tapping on request on the tables at the far end of the railway carriage, also Rosey mentioned that the K2 meters had spiked as well. Jez, Mel and Jo also mentioned that they too had hears some amazing tapping on request in the old railway carriage, Jez also described how they used the Franks box in this vigil, where the radio to the spirit world mentioned four of the groups names who were sat around  the table listening for spirit communication via the Franks box. Stuart and Simon described how in one of the corridors and rooms they made ghostly communication with a former soldier who had lost an arm in the Napoleonic war, and that he had then been then employed by the army to work at Fort Paull. With many groups experiencing table tipping, glass divination, and K2 spiking as well as light analomies as well, it was truly a paranormal night to remember at Fort Paull and one we look forward to returning too.