Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 15th June 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights third visit to Gainsborough Old Hall and one we anticipated with great excitement, this old Tudor building had given some fantastic examples of paranormal activity on our previous visits. As we entered the building our anticipation grew as we remembered the Tudor features and decor that had stood the test of time. We commenced the night with a group vigil in the beautiful Main Hall, we set up three K2 meters in the room in view of our brave ghost hunters, and four of our ghost hunters wore night vision goggles. As we stood in a circle all holding hands calling out for spirit activity, Stuart said that he could sense a gentleman in the corridor of the kitchen. After about five minutes of asking the spirits to communicate with us we suddenly heard a large tap from the far corridor from where Stuart had pointed out where he could sense where the spirit gentleman was leading to the Tudor kitchen. Rosey suggested that the group move into the kitchen to where the noise had come from, after we had formed a circle in the kitchen we commenced our quest for ghostly activity. Stuart said that he felt there was a man in the room who's job would been to kill the animals in the kitchen area. The group asked the spectral resident of Gainsborough Old Hall to show them a sign that he was there in the kitchen, after a few minutes one of the K2 meters started to spike to the groups excitement, Hannah a brave ghost hunter said that they saw the figure of a little boy peer around the doorway to the kitchen while wearing a pair of night vision goggles. Lucy and Alan also stated that they too had seen the ghostly shape in the same area. We then decided to break up into smaller groups and begin our paranormal investigation of Gainsborough Old Hall. One of the stand out incidents of our visit occurred in a vigil with Rosey, Mel and Jo. A Simply Ghost Night regular and a ghost hunter for some years called Paul Crawford. In a vigil in the Main Hall Rosey said how Paul mentioned that he felt as though he had been prodded in his back and slapped on his head, Paul said to Rosey that this incident had been the best personal experience he had ever had on a ghost hunt. In a vigil with Stuart, Jez and Simon a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a former resident of Gainsborough Old Hall by the name of Henry, Henry had a table tipping in all directions towards them to the shock of Gemma and Sophie, both Julie and Velda who themselves have been on many ghost investigations were loving the way the table moved with only their hands slightly on the table as well. In a group with Rosey she mentioned how Lucy and Jo  both exclaimed that they had heard a male voice through the sound enhances, Julie also said that they felt as if something had stroked her hair while the group were holding hands while calling out. In a vigil with Simon and Jez they mentioned that in a vigil in the turret room a group of ghost hunters couldn't stay in the room for long as they felt ill and sick in the room. As soon as the ghost hunters were removed from the turret room they both felt their feelings of nauseous go as quickly as they had come. What and why they felt the way they did in the turret room neither could say why or pinpoint any logical reason for their nauseous. . With glass divination, table tipping, K2 spiking, tapping and banging on the table on request and much more paranormal activity we agreed that it was an amazing night of spirit interaction, but the last word must be left to Paul Crawford who said to Rosey "this was the best personal moment ever" when talking about been prodded and slapped on the head. All in all it was yet another eventful night at Gainsborough Old Hall the ghostly inhabitants of this Tudor building never fail to impress us with their paranormal activity.