Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Gilesgate Barracks With Simply Ghost Nights, Durham, 25th May 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights second paranormal ghost hunt at this former barracks and black plague colony, Gilesgate has had a long past as been a military base for the British army, and with this mind you knew there would be a huge tapestry of characters and spirits possibly waiting to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. . We begun the night in the main hall which Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights resident medium felt would have been the sleeping quarters for the men garrisoned there. As the group held hands and called out to the spirit world, Stuart said that he had made spirit contact with a child of about 8 or 9 and that she had took a liking to Simply Ghost Nights Rosey. Stuart said that the little girl who too was called Rosey was offering Simply Ghost nights Rosey a spider to play with. Stuart considered the spirit child to almost a street urchin as she was untidily dressed and wearing filthy clothes. . In the group vigil we experienced some fantastic tapping from where the Rosey the spirit child was sitting according to Stuart. However after the group vigil everyone was walking back together to the hub when in the centre of the corridor was the most enormous spider. Could this have been a parting gift from the cherub like spirit child to Rosey our team leader. . To be fair we had a really active night from whole group's feeling a mysterious breeze been blown on them from apparent cause. In fact Tom a brave ghost hunter mentioned that the temperature of his hands kept dropping and rising all the time, when Rosey pointed the temperature gun at his hand it did actually drop and rise by on average 6 degrees on regular basis. Rosey and Simon also spoke in detail of an amazing vigil with the Franks box where they asked for the spirits name and clearly they all heard the name Frederick been uttered from the Franks box. . Jez also spoke of some glass work in a Victorian séance and some table tipping too, Jane a brave ghost hunter claimed to have seen the figure of a soldier through the night visions goggles.  Sarah also claimed to have been touched and had her hair pulled as well, Jez and Stuart also noted that a bright light was seen in the darkened bedroom and then it was seen to disappear. Voices were also heard as well by Anthony and Saj, so all in all it was quite an active night and what a brilliant ghost hunting event we had sampled yet again at Gilesgate barracks.