Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Haggs Bank, Cumbria, With Simply Ghost Nights

Haggs bank is now a bunkhouse with accommodation for 24 guests, it used to be 5 separate cottages that have now been built into the one building, the cottages formerly housed miners of the local lead mines and their families, with the entrance to one of the mines only yards away from the building itself. We were made most welcome on each of our visits by both Dan and Katey the owners of Haggs Bank. With so much activity noted and recorded such as table work, glass work, franks box and much more, we have selected what we considered the most exciting and thought provoking experiences we had at Haggs Bank. On the very first event of our four events to take place at Haggs Bank, Stuart and Jez were conducting a Franks box session in the living room area, after Stuart had mentioned that he was sensing a spirit gentleman called Frank in the room, Jez asked is Frank here and via the Franks box the word "yes" was clearly heard. After the group introduced themselves Jez asked Fran what he thought of Ian a brave ghost hunter, the word heard was one of the worst swear words imaginable, it was said so clearly that everyone heard it. After this the language continued to the amazement of the group listening, Stacey another ghost hunter asked Frank what he also thought of her and the word "rough" was immediately heard again to the giggles and excitement of the group. As the obscenities continued through out the vigil it was clear that Frank would not be forgotten in a hurry.   In a bedroom area with Rosey and Lesley they made spirit contact with a little girl called Rebecca via the Ouija board, Rosey and Lesley both stated that Rebecca stated that she had 13 siblings when living at the cottages while been on the earth plane. Coincidentally Katy who owns the Haggs bank when told about what had happened went to the local library and informed the SGN team that she had come across a book about the area and that there was indeed a photo of a family with both parents and 14 children in the same photo, could Rebecca have been in the photo?   Also Rosey and Lesley both spoke of how in one vigil with Rebecca the table actually moved with no one touching it, and it did it repeatedly on three separate occasions to the groups bemusement.   With so much activity recorded over the four events The Haggs Bank was one of the highlights of the summer in  terms of paranormal investigating, and with the evidence that Katy gave us which matched all that we had been told by the spirit world previously over the course of our events, only cemented our opinions that if the spirit world want to communicate with you they will.