Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Jedburgh Castle Jail, Scotland, With Simply Ghost Nights, 19th October 2013

This was Simply ghost Nights second visit and we were so excited to attempt spirit communication in this collection of cell blocks and the main reception area, and so was our full house of ghost hunters. Jedburgh is situated just across the borders but is well worth the trip for any ghost hunter. We were made welcome by the team of Jedburgh who were helpful and considerate to all our and our guests needs. The night began with a group vigil in the main area with all our brave ghost hunters holding hands in a large circle and calling out for spirit communication. To be honest in this opening vigil we had no sign that the spirits of Jedburgh at all, this vigil lasted no more than fifteen minutes with nothing happening it was decided to split off into smaller groups and try to communicate with the spirits of Jedburgh castle Jail. We contemplated after the first group vigil would the spirits interact with our ghost hunters or would they ignore us? In the main area with Lesley and Simon, Lesley spoke of how the group heard tapping on table, whispering was heard and ghostly shadows seen, and footsteps and banging heard upstairs from where no one else was. One of the guests picked up on the names Andrew and Donald and with great results with human pendulum the group got a spirit called Andrew who a guest had already picked up on. Andrew claimed that he was a warden and married with two children. Lesley said that the group then moved onto the cells above where they had fantastic personal experiences for many of our brave ghost hunters, ranging from things happening to different people for example being poked in back of head, sound enhancers knocked off people's heads, and guests told to get out through the enhancers, heavy breathing (in the same cell), and crying was heard. Lesley found that one of the most intriguing parts of the investigation was when she heard a loud clap next to her whilst in a cell with three other guests, Lesley also added it was that loud it was heard in other cells further down the corridor. In the two other cell blocks with Jez and Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart a group of ghost hunters were attempting to contact the spirit world via a table tipping experiment, Stuart said that he was the sensing the spirit of man called Stewart as well, the group asked Stewart to tip or rock the table and after about ten minutes of calling out on Stewart to participate with the group the table began to rock very slowly to the amazement of Barbara, David, Davey, Alana and Sean. The table moved between all our guests to their utter consternation and enjoyment. It was decided to try the Franks box in the cell area and as the group called out their names they all heard them repeated back after a while, when Stewart was asked who he would like to talk to in the cells by themselves, to her complete shock Barbara's name  was clearly heard through the Franks box. Barbara actually declined the offer to stay in the cell by herself. In another cell while using the Franks box Stuart said that he thought when the English ghost hunters including the team the spirits never interacted at all, however when the Scottish guests called out the spirits did interact with our ghost hunters, Stuart then asked the spirits if they wanted the English people to leave the cell, and what was heard next from the Franks box astounded everyone when one of the worst swear words imaginable was clearly by all the group. Sean a brave ghost hunter stated that he had heard the name Michael whispered to him through the sound enhances, David also heard heavy breathing in an empty cell he was standing. As we were beaten by the clock once more and we spoke at length about the occurrences we had witnessed Jez enthused that Jedburgh was well worth the journey for a night of paranormal activity.