Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Liverpool Old Orphanage & Newsam Park Hospital With Simply Ghost Nights, 10th August 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights second paranormal investigation at the Liverpool Old Orphanage and Newsam Hospital, our first visit had been quite eventful with the spirits of the Old Orphanage been responsive in our requests to communicate. With a full house of brave ghost hunters ready to investigate all areas of his huge complex of buildings, such as the nurses block, the main hospital and orphanage block, the kitchens and the cellar area too so with all these areas to attempt spirit communication. The ghost hunting event at The Old Orphanage with a short group vigil in the main hub area, in this vigil we heard footsteps coming from the empty corridor and two of the K2 meters spiked on several occasions as well. As we were on a tight schedule we kept the opening vigil brief as we wanted to delve deep into the ghostly world of The Old Orphanage & Newsam Hospital. We broke up into smaller groups to begin our ghostly search for paranormal activity. Team leader Jez described how in the main building of the orphanage a group of ghost hunters were using the Ouija board and communicating with a spirit of a boy, who told the group via the glass through yes and no that he had lived and died at the Orphanage and that he had died with pains in his tummy that made him sick. However the little spirit boy didn't give his name to the group except the initial P, and when the group called out names beginning with P with glass kept going to no. Rosey and Jo commented on how in the laundry area they threw a bell down the long dark corridor and asked for any spirits to roll it back to them, Rosey and Jo said they waited approximately 30 seconds listening for the sound of the bell been rolled back to them, Rosey and the ghost hunters listening heard the unmistakeable sound of the bell rolling around in the empty eerie corridor. Rosey and Jo continued to describe how in the spooky corridor several brave ghost hunters saw ghostly dark shadows moving around about one of the rooms off the corridor. Three ghost hunters exclaimed that they had felt as though cold hands had touched their face, and two other ghost hunters also spoke of how they thought something had pulled their hair. And also the sound of incarnate voices was also heard from some brave ghost hunters in the spooky corridor. Treena and Donna said that in a vigil in one of the rooms upstairs that they had an Ouija board session, where the group made spiritual contact with two spirit children who entertained the group through answering the groups questions via the Ouija board. The whole group were enthralled by the response they were witnessing as they gently had a finger on the glass. In a vigil in the kitchen area of the old hospital with Stuart and Lesley a group of ghost hunters attempted to communicate via listening to the taps on the table and attempting a table tipping experiment. As the group sat around the table tapping on the table and listening intently for any taps to be copied the group were astounded to hear the same number of taps been repeated back. Lesley tapped in a circle on the table and the group heard the same distinct of the taps Lesley did get repeated once more. Also in this vigil with Stuart and Lesley the group tried a table tipping experiment at first the table begun to just rock to any fro ever so slightly until after about 15 minutes the table suddenly moved across the room and went on two legs before the eyes of this shocked group. Once again we were beaten for time and as we conveyed our own experiences at The Old Orphanage we as a team had to agree that indeed the spirits had not let us down and had entertained our brave ghost hunters throughout the night.