Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Margam Castle, South Wales, With Simply Ghost Nights, 30th November 2013

The ghost hunting event at Margam castle is just like stepping back in time with most of it's features intact and the central staircase is worthy of the entrance fee alone, however our mission and our brave ghost hunters was not only to marvel at the architecture but also make ghostly contact with the spectral residents of Margam castle.   With the size of the building we dispensed with the usual tour of the building and as it was yet another sell out we agreed to use every available moment ghost hunting at Margam castle and begin the ghost hunting event after the meet and greet and a quick refreshment break.   What all the Simply Ghost Nights team all agreed on was the opening group vigil was one of the best that they had witnessed in along time. Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium spoke of how he could sense the spirit of two children running around the group who were stood in a circle all holding hands, and a gentleman spirit stood in close proximity by the far door but near some of our ghost hunters.   As Stuart spoke of how this gentleman called Albert was rather strict looking and officious as though he was a butler or at least in service at the castle a bright green light emanated directly in front of one of the ghost hunters, the green light was away from her body and although our brave ghost hunter did not see the light at least 25 other people did. We set about trying to determine any normal reason why a green light would manifest itself then disappear, it was pointed out that the light we had seen had been in the close proximity to where Stuart had said that Albert was in, was this Albert showing himself to the group.   Also in the group vigil footsteps were also heard and the K2 meters spiked on request and a number of ghost hunters claimed to have been touched and also spotted dark shadowy figures moving as well. With all this to think about it was decided to split into smaller groups and delve into the past at Margam castle.   In a vigil in what we named the waiting room Jez and Chris spoke of how they had some fantastic table tapping and then the table tipped onto two legs, and then one leg, this occurred multiple times again on request and also the table was spinning on one leg. And in the attic several guests and Chris saw a white light from behind one of the partially bricked up sections appear and disappear several times as well.   Rosey and Lesley mentioned that in the kitchen area that they took a small group in the corridor and the group heard taps on table on request and from the Franks box the group clearly heard the name Edward and when the asked him to confirm his name and he said Ted.   Rosey and Lesley also spoke of how they had some amazing table tipping in the nursery and tapping as well. Stuart also said that in the welcome room a group of brave ghost hunters experienced some table tipping and glass work where the group made contact with the a female spirit called Millie who claimed to have worked as a servant in the castle in the 19th century.   In a vigil with Stuart in the drawing room a group contacted a spirit called Nicholas and via the Franks box the group asked Nicholas to repeat everyone's name and to the groups excitement each of the groups name was indeed repeated back.    With so much activity reported on this ghost hunting event it is impossible to include all the information that we collated, however we cannot wait for our next ghost hunting event at Margam Castle.