Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Niddry Street Vaults, 1st June 2013

Our full house of ghost hunters at Niddry street vaults certainly had an action packed event in store for them, firstly we were treated to a terror tour by Niddry streets very own Ewan who took our brave ghost hunters around the streets and vaults of Edinburgh and explained at great depth about it's darker side in history. After the starter as such had been completed by Ewan, it was time for the main course, a paranormal investigation o f  Niddry Street vaults .  The vaults are located within the South Bridge, built in the mid 1700's. Once opened, these vaults soon fell into disuse due to damp and poor conditions. The wealthy merchants who once used them for storage soon moved out and the poor and disadvantaged moved in, making use of the cheap rent. They were not alone. Soon the conditions deteriorated and the place became a hive of criminal activity. People succumbed to the harsh conditions, disease and worse!  . The vaults were eventually closed between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with such a history of hardship, sadness and death what troubled spirits would we encounter on our voyage into the ghostly world of The Niddry Street vaults. We started the night with a group vigil in the vaults with the cursed stone ring in it, legend has at that he who steps in the stone circle will take an unfortunate turn for the worst. Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium stepped into the stone circle to disprove this myth and is currently still in fine health and had no unfortunate accidents or injuries as we speak. . As the group called out for any of the spirits to come forward the sound of shuffling was heard in the empty nearby corridor, also Lindy spoke up and said that she had felt a cold breeze against her arms, also Morag and Danni said they too had felt a cold breeze too. Also in this vigil we also witnessed a K2 spike from time to time as well. Sarah claimed to have heard the sound of someone breathing near her ears to hers shock. As we then split into smaller groups to investigate the vaults the whole groups were so excited. In a vigil with  Rosey, Mel and Treena who were holding a vigil in one of the vaults at the bottom end of the building. . A group experienced some amazing glass movement on the Ouija board Rosey spoke of how the group made contact with a  spirit lady, although the spirit lady seemed to be illiterate Rosey said that the group still managed to have a good conversation with the spirit lady to who answered yes and no on the Ouija board and they explained that the lady had passed in 1809 and that she had lived in Edinburgh and unfortunately she had fallen on hard times and that's how she ended up in the Vaults. Through yes and no the spirit lady explained how she had a terrible time there in the cold and the damp and that she was scared when she lived in the vaults. Rosey explained that the spirit lady had lived a somewhat tragic life in the vaults. And in an vigil with Stuart and Simon in one of the in the vaults with the stone circle, a group of brave ghost hunters were calling out the spirit of the vaults to communicate with them Stuart and Simon spoke of how they had heard some tapping on the table. Stuart picked up on the three spirits who he explained were dodgy characters Stuart said these three gentlemen worked in tandem together, Stuart said they would've pilfered pinched and killed to get what they could in the vaults.  Stuart added that these three men were named, Tom, Robert, and Jack, with Tom been the leader of the group as he was the brains behind the outfit. As Stuart spoke about these three vile characters that were around them, Davina one of our brave ghost hunters said she heard the sound of growling through the sound enhances. The group also witnessed the table rock and move from side to side to the to the groups excitement. The group also heard the sound of shuffling feet from within the empty corridor. . The sound of the shuffling feet amazed the whole group especially the ones wearing the sound enhances. The group then attempted to communicate with the three grisly characters via the Ouija  board. After a few minutes of calling on Tom and his ghostly gang to speak to them, the glass started to move very slowly.  As the glass started to move faster the brave ghost hunters began to ask questions to the three villains. The group asked many questions and received answers corresponding to the like. Rosey, Treena and Mel also described how they also experienced some fantastic K2 spiking while participating in a Victorian seance of calling out, many of the ghost hunters stated that they could feel cold breezes on then, and Jane and Charlotte squealed as they said that they felt that they had their hair tugged to their consternation. Rosey also mentioned that in many of the vigil areas groups had also had table tipping as well. As we were once again out of time we all agreed that our return to Niddry Street Vaults had been a great success, with all groups reporting so much activity, we can wait for our next paranormal investigation in 2014 .