Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Nottingham Galleries of Justice, With Simply Ghost Nights, 7th June 2013

This was our fourth visit to the Nottingham Galleries of Justice, and one we had anticipated for quite a while, on our previous excursions in into the paranormal world at the Galleries of Justice, we had witnessed a wealth of With so much paranormal activity in the past, a burning question we contemplated was would our eagerness and expectations be realised by the spirits of Nottingham. Would the spirits of the Galleries of Justice respond to our calls to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. We began with a group vigil calling out to the spirit world to communicate with us and our willing ghost hunters. In the group vigil as we asked the spirits to interact with us three of the group said that they had seen a dark shadow move only feet away from the circle. Carol one of our brave ghost   hunters, described how she had seen this ghostly shadow in the recesses of the room. Paul and Jenny also spoke of how they too had seen the same thing as Carol. We then broke up into smaller groups to investigate The Galleries Of Justice, the most shocking incident that everyone in the group will remember for a long time was in the lower area next to the gallows.  Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium picked up on the energy of a female inmate in the area, Stuart said that the lady had been a prostitute and that she was walking around the group, and watching intently. Suddenly from the corridor leading to the room the sound of footsteps were heard by everyone, as Stuart and Danny ran out of the room to see if the noise had been made by someone else they ran down the corridor to see who had made the noise, they found no one there at all. It was as though like Stuart had said that the spirit lady had indeed been walking around the group and the area as well.  This incident had the whole group talking and buzzing for some time, due to the fact that the footsteps had been so loud and they had resonated so clearly for where no one else was situated did indeed shock everyone who heard it.  In the police room a group heard some amazing tapping on request from within the police station area, Rosey explained how when she tapped once the group would hear one tap from on a nearby table, when she tapped twice the spirits duly obliged and tapped twice. Jez spoke of how some members of a group felt uncomfortable in the museum room with the artifacts in the glass cabinets, and it was in this area that Rosey and Jo spoke of how a group of ghost hunters heard a guttural voice through the sound enhances.  With some fantastic K2 spiking as well on request and many ghost hunters feeling uncomfortable in the condemned man cells, with ghost hunters complaining of feeling nauseous and headaches but only in the condemned cell area the whole event was really quite eventful with Ouija board experiments, table tipping, K2 spiking and the motion sensors alarming as well. The Galleries of Justice is one place we look forward to visiting in 2014.