Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ordsall Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 31st May 2014

With a history dating all the way back to the 12th century Ordsall Hall certainly has a long history for our brave ghost hunters to investigate on a ghost hunting adventure at Ordsall Hall. We must first thank Kim and her team who helped in every way they could and in assisting SGN in guaranteeing the night ran as effortlessly as it did. The night commenced with a brief chat about ghost hunting and the types of equipment that our brave ghost hunter would be using from séance tables, Ouija boards, night vision googles, sound enhances and much more equipment too. It was suddenly time for our full house of ghost hunters to attempt spirit communication at Ordsall Hall. Lesley and Chris mentioned that when they were in one of the bedrooms they were sat around a table calling out for tapping on the table they all heard two loud taps on two empty chairs in the room, Lesley spoke of how they asked again for the taps and they were repeated once again by the spirits of Ordsall hall. The group also had some great table tipping in the room as well to their excitement. Stuart, Sam, and Nigel mentioned how when calling out in one of the side rooms for the spirits to do something exciting a door handle in the room inexplicably turned by itself, on investigation the door was locked and on immediately contacting Kim from Ordsall hall to see who could have twisted the door handle Kim informed us that the door was locked and that it was the computer room with no other access into the computer room. This shocked the whole group who had heard the door handle turn and some of the group had even sworn and jumped alarmingly when we all heard the handle turn. Rosey, Vee and Danni spoke of how they heard a strange noise like a child crying in an adjoining room, and on further inspection Rosey discovered that the noise was exactly the same as if a toy in the museum had been turned, Rosey said that they left the room once more and yet again they heard the same noise from the empty room where the toy was there, Rosey said that it was as though the spirits were playing with them by moving the toy when they were out of the room. Jez mentioned that in the main hall a group of ghost hunters claimed to have seen ghostly shadows moving around in a nearby rooms, Chris also said that some ghost hunters had also mentioned the same thing about seeing ghostly shadows. With table tipping and tapping reported as well as glass divination in most areas we all agreed that Ordsall Hall had indeed been an active night of paranormal activity, and it is certainly one we cannot wait to return too.