Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ordsall hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 9th March 2013

This was our second visit to Ordsall Hall in Manchester over the years and on our previous time at Ordsall hall it had been a most active night, so with that in mind what would the spirit world do on this our return. We must also thank Kim and her team at Ordsall hall who looked after us and our guests. We begun the event with a group vigil in the Main Hall, with our full house of ghost hunters all stood in a circle holding hands calling out for spirit activity, the K2's on the floor in the middle of the circle begun to flicker from green upto yellow, as though the spirits were saying we are here. Both Carolyn and Helen both claimed to have seen the shadowy silhouette of a man standing in a corner. In a vigil with Jo and Jez they kept hearing strange banging  coming from the empty  stairs when they investigated who or what had caused the banging they found no reason for it.. They made spirit contact with a young girl on the ouija board. Jo mentioned that they asked the spirit girl to change the lights on the K2 and the planchette kept flying off the Ouija towards the K2 meters. In a vigil with Rosey and Mel they picked up on the spirit of a lady who claimed to have worked in the house in 1784 through the ouija board. The spirit also claimed to have worked in the hall as well as a servant to the owners of the hall. In a vigil in the kitchen with Stuart and Simon they were experiencing some fantastic table tipping with a group of ghost hunters, while Katie was watching the Ovulous when she said that she felt her scarf been tugged, when all of a sudden the word on the Ovulous (a word generated piece of software that we use via a laptop), came up with the non other than the word 'scarf' this really amazed the whole group. While Rosey and Mel were using the Ovulous they recorded the date of 1637 on it, and coincidentally unknown to Jo and Jez in the kitchen they had a man come through on the ouija board who claimed to have lived in the house in 1637, the same year that Rosey and Mel had seen on the Ovulous. The spirit said he was the master of the house, and that he had no brothers, only sisters. Jo and Jez later checked with the curator of Ordsall hall, Kim and she told them that the kitchen was built in 1630, the master at that time was Alexander and he had 3 sisters. In the attic with Rosey and Mel the group experienced seeing twinkling lights from far end of the room, Rosey also spoke of how Tom, Dean, Lee, Jan and Julie all felt that something had touched their legs while holding hands in a circle. In this area Stuart and Simon also mentioned of how Joe, Julie, and Jess also said that they had felt a ghostly hand touch their legs as well. Sarah said that while using the sound enhances she heard a female voice say 'what are you doing here'. Treena, Mark and Phil spoke of how two brave ghost hunters spoke of how their appearances changed totally while using the scrying mirrors, Simon also correlated this by adding that in a group with him Karen as well described how her face changed too while using the scrying mirrors to her disbelief, Karen said her face became rounder and her nose bigger as well as her hair seemingly growing longer. With all team leaders experiencing some glass work and table work, as well as the K2's spiking we considered that it had been a very fruitful night of paranormal activity on our return ghost hunt to Ordsall hall, and we cannot wait for our return on the 17 th August 2013.