Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.AF Binbrook, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights 15th March 2014

Firstly we would like to offer a big thank you to Lee from Binbrook for his assistance in ensuring our ghost hunting event at R.A.F Binbrook ran smoothly and professionally. The night began with a group vigil in one of the large rooms at the former officer's mess. In this vigil the entire group heard the sound of footsteps where no one was and a number of our brave ghost hunters said that they felt as though they had been touched and one ghost hunter claimed to have her coat and scarf pulled by the unseen hands of the spirit world. We also witnessed one of the K2's spiking as well and a strange light was seen as well by some of our fearless ghost hunting guests. After twenty minutes of excitement in this room it was decided to spilt into smaller groups and investigate R.A.F Binbrook. During an Ouija session Jez spoke of how a group encountered the spirit of a young man called Edward who was 17 when he passed. Edward advised the group that he was killed in a flying accident in 1937 or 1939 but he was not on active service. He and another person his instructor, were killed when his plane crashed during a flying lesson whilst he was learning to fly. He wasn't the pilot at the time the instructor was. He claimed to have come from the local area and lived in a village close by that started with a H. Jez continued that he had asked him what made him come back the site and if he had wanted to join the air force, he said it made him happy and yes he had wanted to join the air force, Jez also asked if he came back to watch the planes and Edward said yes. Rosey and Lesley spoke of how in the welcome room a group made spirit contact with a spirit child called Emily via the Ouija board as well, however what stunned those in the room was how the table moved when they attempted a table tipping experiment, Rosey said the group had their fingers lightly on the table and the table moved from side to side to the surprise of the group. Nigel and Danni commented how also in the welcome room they too had a fantastic vigil with the glass as the group made spirit contact with a former pilot to the group' excitement. As well in this vigil the group also heard heavy footsteps like almost marching in the empty adjoining room and on inspection there was no one in the room. In the mirrored dance room with Jez and Vee and some of the guests reported hearing tapping come from the back of the fire door the group all listened and asked for further  taps and shockingly the group all heard more tapping  and sometimes in 3's as well. Jez asked later what was behind the fire door and was advised in was just emergency stairs on the outside of the building to the ground floor. In the room at opposite side Jez spoke of how they had some response to table taps and that when they asked for the spirit to move or tip the table, there was no response until one guest said if they didn't they would have to do 50 press ups outside. The table suddenly moved violently Jez asked that the table be moved around and if they did they would escape press-ups and the table moved around with guests having just finger tips on it and went around in circles. Stuart spoke of how in one vigil with Danni and Nigel they had some amazing results with the Franks box where they heard some of the ghost hunter's names called out and also Jez said that they heard a voice tell them to get out whilst using the Franks box in the upstairs mess. With incarnate voices heard in some of the vigils, the Ovilus had some bizarre results that correlated to the questions asked by our ghost hunters and the K2's inexplicably going off on request it was definitely a brilliant night at R.A.F Binbrook for our super group of ghost hunters. We certainly look forward to our return to R.A.F Binbrook.