Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Binbrook, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 16th November 2013

With a near full house of excited ghost hunters at R.A.F Binbrook the atmosphere was electrifying with anticipation and intrepadation, in light of our previous ghost hunting events at this venue. We begun the evening with a group vigil in the theatre room where we heard really loud thudding coming from above us, and we were the only people in the building and also some of our brave ghost hunters also made claims of being touched by invisible hands. At one point both K2 meters spiked at the same time on request and a dark shadow was spotted moving in the room as well to the shock of Wendy, Amanda, and Fred. It was decided to split into smaller groups and get down to investigating the paranormal world of R.A.F Binbrook. In a vigil in the theatre with Rosey and Lesley they had two groups initially on the stage. One table was moving and tipping onto one leg so the other group joined the moving table to provide more energy. The table was twisting, and moving to many of the ghost hunters on request along with tipping onto one leg on request as well. Lesley added they also witnessed the table twist, and the table to try and the K2 started to move around the table. The table work in the theatre was the most impressive part of the night as far as Lesley and Rosey were concerned. Stuart and Jez spoke of the meeting their group had with the spirit of a former mechanic at R.A.F Binbrook, the group made ghostly contact firstly via the table with tapping on request to the group's questions. Stuart and Jez spoke of how table begun to rock backwards and forwards and to each member of the group in turn and on request to the group's excitement. Stuart then placed his torch on the table and asked the spirit to drain his torch of its power, nothing happened for approximately until the torch inexplicably begun to fade from a rather bright light to little more than just the embers of a glow. Chris and Phil spoke of how they also had a brilliant vigil in the theatre they explained how the table had tipped alarmingly onto two legs and the group enjoyed the fact the table moved around the stage as well rocking to and fro. Both Chris and Phil mentioned that the K2 would inexplicably spike as well when they were in the dance room as well. Through the sound enhances Andrew said that he had heard the sound of giggling in the meeting room with Stuart and Jez, could this have been the children that Rosey and Lesley had made ghostly contact with earlier in the night. In the meeting room while using the Franks box the group heard most of their names called out but what amazed the group was the fact Stuart had picked up the name Rodney and the name Rodney was heard from the Franks box. In the meeting room Lesley and Rosey mentioned that the table began twisting around and trying to move to the sound of Lesley's voice. It also moved to where the spirit was standing on several occasions and lots of taps on table in response to questions and it was felt the group had children under the table so it was decided to use a glass to communicate with children. The group were spellbound with details coming from the Ouija board and the little spirit girl kept the group enthralled for some time. As the night came to a close we all considered that it had been a great night of ghost hunting and the paranormal activity we had witnessed and endured.