Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Binbrook, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 18th May 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost at R.A.F Binbrook and it was the first ever ghost hunting investigation to be held at R.A.F Binbrook as well. This was new territory to both Simply Ghost Nights and the spirits of Binbrook who pass between the veiled curtain of our world and the spirit world to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.We were also accompanied by our good friend Most Haunted's Chris Conway, to say that we were all excited to be investigating this old building that had been at the fore front of Britain's resistance to Hitler's campaign in the Battle of Britain and bombing raids deep into Europe. . We were once again commenced with a large group vigil in the theatre room at Binbrook, this room would have been used as an outlet for our brave boys to forget about the war momentarily while they watched shows and movies in the theatre. . We attempted to call out for some form of spirit activity and interaction, unfortunately we heard only the odd tap or bang, nothing much to write home about to be fair, what we considered was would the spirits not want to communicate with us or would we encounter a quiet night of activity following our quiet group vigil as we split into smaller groups to investigate R.A.F Binbrook on a ghost hunting night. . In a nutshell our fears were quickly alleviated by what our groups were experiencing, in some instances the activity was almost immediate both Stuart in his vigil in the dance room and Simon, and Chris in the karate room all commented how the activity occurred so quickly that it amazed them all, it was as if the spirits had waited for an age to communicate with ourselves on the earth plane. Stuart spoke of how the table moved swiftly around the room and on to two legs as well to the whoops of delight from Olwyn, Stephen, Mathew, Gwynne and Lewis. With each ghost hunter just barely touching the table the table literally flew around the room. . In a vigil with Jo and Jez they spoke of how they heard swear words and vulgar words uttered from the Franks box in one of  the other upstairs rooms. This had them all gob smacked about the utterances heard from the Franks box, this is not the first time that Simply Ghost Nights have heard such foul and base language from the little box. But what the astonishing thing is that no British radio station is allowed to air such words that we have all heard from the Franks box.  . Mel and Treena also mentioned in one of their vigils that they too experienced some amazing table work as well in the downstairs room. Treena also spoke of k2 spiking on request as well in the theatre room too. Stuart also spoke of how when using the Franks box they had all the ghost hunters names mentioned via the Franks box. Simon and Chris also spoke of excellent results with the Franks box, it was as though the spirits of Binbrook just could not wait to be heard. . In the theatre Simply Ghost Nights veteran ghost hunters Duncan, Michelle, Trisha, Lauren, Sarah, Martin,  and Patricia. All witnessed some amazing table tipping with Rosey, Chris and Stuart, Duncan and his gang have been on many ghost hunts and stated that the table tipping in the theatre was some of the best they had witnessed. . With team leaders also experiencing dark shadows, and the sound of incarnate voices were also heard from our brave ghost investigators, R.A.F Binbrook was definitely a success on the paranormal front and we can wait to investigate the building once more.