Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Binbrook, Lincolnshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 5th July 2013

Simply Ghost Nights were privileged to be the first professional ghost hunting company to be asked to hold a paranormal investigation at R.A.F Binbrook. R.A.F was home to the R.A.A.F 460 squadron who went on to fly more missions and more bombs than any other branch of Bomber command during the second world war, in recent years the blockbuster film Memphis film was filmed at R.A.F Binbrook. With all this in mind the scene was set for a fantastic ghost hunting event would the ghostly spirits come out to entertain our brave ghost hunters and we were also joined by our good friend Chris Conway at R.A.f Binbrook. We commenced the paranormal night in this sleepy Lincolnshire village with a group vigil where we asked the spirits to entertain us, unfortunately the group vigil was very quiet with nothing out of the ordinary to write about, we asked ourselves would the spirits of R.A.F Binbrook entertain at all as we broke up into smaller groups to attempt spirit communication with ghostly residents of R.A.F Binbrook. In a vigil with Stuart and Simon in one of the top floor rooms a group of ghost hunters attempted spirit communication with a table tipping experiment and to the groups utter amazement of Olwyn, Wynn, Steven, Lewis, David and Sue the table instantly started vibrating and then began to move from the side to side, as the group asked the spirits of R.A.F Binbrook to tip the table the literally tipped on two legs to the groups sheer excitement. It was as though the spirits had waited years to entertain all of us with their display of ghostly strength and enthral contact. This instantaneous display of ghostly activity repeated itself in Mel and Treena's vigil Mel and Treena spoke of how when they were in the theatre room when the table begun to move from side to side to the groups amazement, as the table rocked backwards and forwards Mel sated that a K2 meter located nearby started to spike at the same time. Jez and Jo spoke of how in the dark cellars Sarah and Jessica spoke of how they had heard the sound of heavy breathing through the sound enhances where no one else was situated. Jez spoke of how during an Ouija board session in the theatre a group made ghostly contact with the spirit of a mechanic called Charlie from the second world war, Jo said that they also heard shuffling from behind the stage of the theatre and when asked if this was Charlie the glass moved to yes. Charlie kept the group entertained via the Ouija board answering questions about him. In a vigil in the dance room Mary said that while using the scrying mirrors that her face had changed into that of man with a beard and moustache and hair swept back. Sylvia who was also stood with Mary said that she could see in the mirror that Mary's features had indeed changed into that of a man. Once again we were beaten by the clock and as we spoke at length about our time at R.A.F Binbrook we all agreed that it had been a really active night and R.A.F Binbrook was a place that we couldn't wait to investigate again.