Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights, Friday The 13th September 2013

What can be said about taking part in a paranormal investigation on the most superstitious and foreboding day of the year Friday The 13 th ? First things first we would like to thank Alan at the R.A.F Museum for his cooperation and help in ensuring all our guests had enough chairs to sit on, a supply of tea and coffee when it was time and much, much, more and no job was too small or too big for Alan. Simply Ghost Nights have been to R.A.F Doncaster Museum for at least eight occasions on a ghost hunting event, on our previous visits we have had full blown apparitions, table tipping, glass work and much more activity, we all thought that surely the spirits of the old R.A.F base would be bored with us by now, would they ignore our requests to communicate with our ghost hunters while we were investigating the museum we would soon find out. Our ghost hunters were lucky enough to have Alan from the museum take them on a guided tour of the buildings and a brief history lesson on the planes and buildings at R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum. After Alan's brief but informative tour it was time for a slight break and then it was time to go in search of the supernatural residents of R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum to attempt to communicate with them. Gary spoke of how during a number of his vigils using the Ouija board several ghostly Air Force personnel refused to answer any questions whilst he was still in the room or if he had asked the questions. Gary said that the glass would respond only to any questions asked by any of our ghost hunters, but not when he asked the questions as he was ex army. Lesley and Jez mentioned that in the engine room a guest thought he had someone stood next to him, he said that he felt a cold breeze around his hands and feeling of his hair being stroked. Lesley also spoke of how the group also heard tapping repeatedly on one of the engines on request too. Another group in hangar 19 also heard taps on the table and the taps responded to questions. Also sudden temperature changes in the main hanger and a torch was knocked over when placed on the floor. In a vigil in the main hangar with Jez and Lesley heard ethereal footsteps and from what sounded above the engine room, also Jez described how the group had heard a strange squeaking noise that was heard twice from the corner of the engine room. In the blitz room in hangar 21 of the Air Museum Gary spoke of how a young spirit boy made contact via the glass and the young spirit child informed the group that he felt an attachment to a toy in the Blitz area that was similar to one he had played with whilst he had been on the earth plane, and impressive table tipping was also witnessed as well. Sam also made a reference to some impressive table activity that occurred in the first vigil and this coupled with many guests who were feeling overwhelming emotional experiences with both Sam and Lesley, with both of them concurring that some guests even stated that they had feelings of nauseous and headaches in some rooms and when they were taken out the room these ill feelings would leave. In a vigil with Stuart and Chris in hangar 21 a group of ghost hunters heard very clearly through the  Franks Box their questions answered and quoting names of several of those seated around table. In hangar 19 Chris reported a great response during making spirit contact with a former pilot called Bernard whilst using the spring Ouija too. Chris and Stuart also reported that in the main hangar while attempting a table tipping experiment in the main hangar the table went onto two legs then one leg and was spinning at quite a fast speed to the groups' excitement. A group of ghost hunters squealed that they had seen an unexplained glimmer of light in the engine room and faint footsteps were also heard from the end of the hangar. With all this information and evidence from our paranormal investigation it was clear that the spirits had not let us down at R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum, and hopefully when we return in 2014 the spirits will be just as obliging in sharing their ghostliest secrets with our fearless ghost seekers.