Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 6th July 2013

This was our numerous ghost hunt at R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum and once again we were so excited to be holding a ghost hunting event at this active location. On our previous ghost hunts at R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum we have seen a full blown apparition walk past a group of ghost hunters, we have also experienced fantastic table tipping, glass work, tapping on request, and many other paranormal occurrences so with this in mind our return to the Air Museum was filled with anticipation and excitement.   We must also thank Alan the custodian of the Museum for his assistance in making sure the event ran smoothly and professionally. We commenced with a group vigil in the eerie hangar 21 as we all held hands in a group vigil asking for the spirits to communicate with us. As we listened for a response from the spirit world Deborah a ghost hunter squealed as she heard the deep voice of a man through the sound enhances, no one else heard the voice who was wearing sound enhances as Deborah stated it was right next to her. Wendy shrieked as she claimed that something had touched her head twice and that she had gone really cold as well. Vicky then said that she had the voice of man through the sound enhances but could not distinguish what was actually said. As we continued to listen we all heard the loud footsteps as though someone was wearing heavy boots pace up and down the corridor. As we carried on listening the ghostly footsteps stopped but Stephen claimed to have seen a white light move in the adjoining room to ourselves. In light of this paranormal activity we decided it was time to break up into our smaller groups and delve into the ghostly world of R.A.F Doncaster Air Museum. In a vigil with Rosey in the main hangar a group of brave ghost hunters Sam, Angela, Sarah, Emily, and Tom experienced the table rocking backwards and forwards to their complete and utter bewilderment. Rosey spoke of how with the groups fingertips ever so slightly on the table the table continued to rock to and fro. In addition the group encountered a great deal of tapping in the hangar in close proximity to them, Stephen obligingly went in search of the tapping near one of the planes and every time he walked up to the planes the tapping would stop, as soon as he took to his chair again the tapping would commence. Could this have been one of the cheeky pilots or air crew we have encountered in the past at R.A.F Doncaster playing games with a group of ghost hunters. In a vigil with Jez in hangar 21 a group made spirit contact via the Ouija board with a former pilot at R.A.F Doncaster who claimed to have passed over to spirit in 1978, but still enjoyed returning to the base on visitation to have a good nosy at the place. Jez also spoke of how they got the name of Ray with the gentleman. Ray continued to communicate to the group and answer all the groups' questions regarding his time on the earth plane. Jez moreover mentioned that in hangar 21 with a group of ghost hunters they heard tapping on request on the table. In hangar 21 with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart and Treena a group of ghost hunters were communicating with the ghostly spirit of a gentleman called Sidney, Stuart said that Sidney had worked at the base as a mechanic as Sidney was wearing something similar to a boiler suit and he had his hair all greased back, Stuart also felt that Sidney seemed like the kind of man would entertain the group.  The group communicated using the Ouija board and had a very good Q&A session with Sidney, however during a table tipping experiment the table rocked to and fro to each member of the group in turn to the laughter and giggles of Helen, Jane, Wendy, Joanne, and Lee. Jez spoke of how yet again the Franks box came into its own in a vigil in main hangar, Jez described how each group member heard their own name resonate from this fantastic piece of ghost hunting equipment. Sadly we were once again beaten the hands of time and as we spoke at the end of the night to collate all the info and activity we had witnessed and heard, we were of the same opinion that it had in fact been another great night of paranormal activity.