Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ripon Workhouse Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 23rd November 2013

We were once again joined by our good friend Chris Conway at The Ripon Workhouse museum, the Workhouse really does have a dark past where it's inhabitants who once they have entered the doors of the Workhouse they only would leave in a coffin. Life at the Workhouse would have been grim for its residents with menial task the order of the day. The night commenced with a group vigil in the governors room it was in the governors room that the vagrants, down and outs and homeless would go before the governors to be judged whether they would be allowed to live at the Workhouse once they has handed over their worldly belongings. In the group vigil with everyone holding hands some of our brave ghost hunters spoke of how they felt as though they had been touched on the head while everyone was holding hands in the circle, many ghost hunters claimed to have been touched and unexplained tapping was also heard as well. It was decided to continue the paranormal investigation at Ripon Workhouse museum in smaller groups. In the nurses room with Lesley and Treena the group heard taps on table. When using the Franks box a few of the guest's names was clearly heard and also they got a spirit called Dave who were 36 come through on the Franks box. Another spirit communicated via the Franks box called Stan; through the Franks box Stan used some very abusive words at the group. Stan also called Lesley and Treena bitches and he told the group to leave. In the top room with Stuart a group experienced some fantastic table tipping with the table rocking backwards and forwards to each member of the table, Sharan, Alison,  Beth, Aaron and Nic all laughed excitedly as the table moved between all the ghost hunters. Jez spoke of how he witnessed the glass moving on the Ouija board as the group communicated with a child spirit in the washroom area of the museum, Jez said that the spirit girl responded through yes and no however any further answers were nonsensical as they thought the girl was more that the child could not read or write. In the morgue Lesley mentioned that the K2 spiked on request and the spirits in the morgue only spiked the K2 when the men in the group asked questions. Taps on tables and even the pipe work was heard in this vigil; Lesley also mentioned that Stan from a previous vigil returned with his colourful one liners which unfortunately cannot be added to the blog. Also Lesley added that her torch had been turned on by itself as well. Stuart mentioned in the kitchen area a group of ghost hunters saw the shadow of two people literally ghost by a window but on further inspection no one was found to be outside the premises. One ghost hunter commented on how she a distinct whimper when using the sound enhances in one of the side rooms and also said that she had witnessed a strange sound as if something was scratching close by her.