Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ripon Workhouse Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 18th January 2014

This event was Simply Ghost Nights numerous paranormal investigation here and the excitement amongst the team never diminishes about returning here, with a full house of brave ghost hunters waiting to commence the paranormal investigation it was time to attempt to communicate with the former workers and residents of the Ripon Workhouse Museum. In the upstairs boardroom while we did the large group vigil Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium made spirit contact with a gentleman spirit who Stuart said was one of the former guardians of the Workhouse. This was confirmed via the K2 meters spiking when the group asked if this was indeed one of the former guardians of the Workhouse. During this vigil some of the guests spoke of being touched on the arms and having their clothes tugged. We also experienced tapping on request as well, after all this it was decided to break up into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication with the ghosts of Ripon Workhouse Museum. When Rosey, Lesley and Danni took a vigil in the boardroom the table was moving along with tapping on the table, and a shadow was seen by several guests in both corners of the room. The group made contact with three children and a female spirit called Nora via the glass and this was not for the first time Nora had made her presence known on a ghost hunt. She tapped twice on the table to confirm it was her and by the end of the vigil she was attempting to move the table in a table tipping experiment. Stuart and Jez mentioned that in the Nurses quarters a group of ghost hunters took part in a table tipping experiment where the table tipped towards each member sat at the table in turn and the table tipped onto two legs to the group's excitement. Also in this vigil the group heard some of their names through the Franks box as well. Also in the nurses quarters Treena, Donna, Nigel and Veronica spoke of how huge sceptic Margaret thought it was brilliant when she had her name repeated back to her through franks box and also the group enjoyed the fact they all heard lots of swearing courtesy of a spirit called Stan. Our team leaders also made reference that some of the group had said that they had witnessed a dark shadow moving in one of the adjoining rooms too. Downstairs in the kitchen area with Jez and Stuart a team of ghost hunters made contact with a lady via the Ouija board who although illiterate answered questions via yes and no on the board, the group were enchanted by the conversation they had by means of the board. In addition the group spoke of temperature fluctuations and feeling strange draughts of air circulating them with no breezes been evident, this phenomena was also verified by Lesley who added a group of ghost hunters in the bedroom area also had the same experiences and one ghost hunter became all emotional as well especially when the K2 spiked in accordance with the questions that she asked.   Nigel and Treena both mentioned that when they sat with two members of the group  on a lone vigil in the adjacent class room  they all clearly heard the tap in the kitchen running on two separate occasions although the tap wasn't turned on and no one was in the kitchen either. Once again the sands of time had beaten and it was time to say bon voyage to our brave ghost hunters who had ventured to the Ripon  Workhouse museum, on the whole it had been quite an eventful night of paranormal activity with dark shadows been spotted, excellent table and glass work as well as some great responses via the Franks box, some ghost hunters claiming to have been touched by invisible hands. The Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for our return to Ripon Workhouse Museum.