Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ripon Workhouse Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 21st September 2013.

Simply Ghost Nights must firstly thank Linda from the Ripon Workhouse Museum for all her help in ensuring the ghost hunting event ran smoothly. We were joined by our good friend Chris Conway on our ghost adventure in Ripon. This was approximately Simply Ghost Nights sixth or so visit to Ripon Workhouse, with a grim and murky past Ripon Workhouse museum is a must for any ghost hunter, with sensations of despair felt in most of the rooms Ripon Workhouse Museum portrays a sombre and sadness not felt on most other locations. The night began with a brief group vigil in the board room we had some activity with a K2 spiking occasionally and the odd bang heard from within the room, but nothing that would whet the appetite for what we would witness later on during the course of our return to ghost hunt at Ripon Workhouse Museum. What impressed both Simply Ghost Nights team leaders Jez and Sam was when a group of ghost hunters all saw thre shadows walking past the nurse's room window. The group saw the ghostly shadows, but there was definitely no one outside at the time. Then Jez and Sam asked three brave ghost hunters to stand outside and listen and when they walked back past the window there was four shadows witnessed by the group this time. Was this the ghostly residents of Ripon Workhouse Museum making their presence known to our brave ghost hunters? On the top floor with Lesley and Gaz a groan was heard and also the door opened on its own this was after been shut properly and no one was outside. Lesley also mentioned that the group also had some really good K2 activity also. Lesley commented that the group heard very clear loud knocks on table on request and also in response to questions. Lesley and Gaz spoke of how in the board room they had good table tipping with table travelling across the floor, this also occurred in the board room with Stuart and Donna, with both of them referring to the fact in their vigil in the board room the K2 had spiked on request and also that each participant in a Franks box experiment had their names called out from the Franks box.   Gaz and Lesley as well mentioned that in the morgue during a tandem human pendulum and ghost box experiment in the morgue. The group was getting responses from the pendulum and those responses were then confirmed from the Franks box. In addition Lesley did say that a ghost hunter heard his forename mentioned which is Dean and his surname was heard on many occasions which is Philips. In the nurses room with Donna and Stuart the group heard their own whistling repeated back to them and they also had a really interesting Frank's box session, with many of the ghost hunters hearing their names called out from the Franks box. Likewise in the Nurses room Lesley and Gaz said they had heard a few taps and draughts on table. However swearing was heard through Frank's box and there was some definite answers to questions asked. Also the group heard a child's voice correctly say the number six when Lesley asked how many were on the table. Yet again it was another remarkable night of paranormal activity at Ripon Workhouse Museum, with ghostly voices been heard, table tipping, excellent results with Franks box and not forgetting the mysterious shadows that enchanted and bemused a whole group of ghost hunters. We look forward to our return on the 23 rd November 2013.