Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Rossington Hall, Doncaster, 8th February 2013, With Simply Ghost Nights.

This was Simply Ghost Nights third visit to Rossington Hall in Doncaster, Rossington Hall is set in its own beautiful grounds with a colourful history, this former luxurious home, it was also a barracks during the Second World War and a school for disabled children which was run by the Doncaster Council. We began the night with a group vigil in the ballroom and with many of our brave ghost hunters claimed to have witnessed an apparition moving in the ballroom, we also had some K2 spiking as well in the ballroom. Also a few of our ghost hunters said that they could hear tapping from within one of the walls. Because we had a full house of ghost hunters we decided to make a start and break up into smaller groups and investigate Rossington Hall and attempt to discover which spirits still want to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. In a vigil in the library with Stuart and Veronica a group of ghost hunters heard some fantastic table tapping on request, and Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium, spoke of how he had made mediumistic  contact with a gentleman named James who Stuart explained would have worked with numbers or figures  when he was on the earth plane, later on in the same vigil while using the Ovilus III, when calling out to James to communicate the group witnessed the name Jim and the two words numbers and count on the Ovilus, did this confirm what Stuart had said with the name Jim been short for James and the words were related to the fact Stuart had said that he felt that James used numbers and counted. In bedroom 3 with Jez and Lesley a group of brave ghost hunters witnessed light analomies and a dark shadow was seen walking by a mirror while everyone was sat down. Lesley mentioned that the group had the table moving gently as well as really loud taps on the table. The group also had a spirit called Fred come through on the Ouija board, Fred informed the group that he had lived at the school as a pupil and he informed the group that he had not had a happy time when living there. Strangely enough Stuart, Lesley and Rosey all spoke of how they all had heard guttural groans where no one was in the room of bedroom 3. In a vigil in the ballroom Rosey spoke of how she and Danni and a group of ghost hunters experienced quite a bit of table tipping with the table moving ever so slowly between guests on request. Rosey spoke of how they also heard feint tapping on the table as well. Rosey went on to speak of how the group made spirit contact with a former worker of the hall via the Ouija board. Lesley and Jez made reference of how they had two tables moving simultaneously in the ballroom and many of the group heard their names through the Franks box to the group's amazement. Lesley mentioned that they also had K2 spiking on request as well in the ballroom. In the servant's quarters Stuart and Veronica spoke of how they witnessed some brilliant table  tipping as the table tipped backwards and forwards between each of the participants on the table, the group in addition heard some of their names via the Franks box to the groups consternation as well. Rosey moreoverspoke of how she and Danni had some brilliant table tapping in bedroom 3 and Rosey said the group all heard a deep groan from an unoccupied part of the room. All in all it was quite an active night with many groups seeing light analomies, guests seeing dark shadows and unexplained cold breezes been felt by many of our guests too. With our next event at Rossington hall planned for October it is one we cannot wait for.