Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Rossington Hall, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 8th November 2013

Simply Ghost Nights were privileged to be the first ever ghost hunting company to hold a paranormal investigation at Rossington Hall, with a colourful past Rossington hall had firstly been a family home, and was then used during the second world war to accommodate the soldiers before becoming a special needs school in 1953, before closing in 2008 to become a luxurious hotel and of course a fantastic ghost hunting location. The night begun with a group vigil in the main banqueting hall where Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium picked up on the spirit energies of two children running around the ensemble of ghost hunters stood in a circle, after a few minutes Kelly and Lucy said that they both felt as though children had tugged at their trousers and Wendy said that she had gone suddenly all cold, a large unexplained light analomy was also witnessed by a number of our ghost hunters and also the K2 meters spiked on request by the spirit children to the enjoyment of the group. As the K2 spiked from green to red the group all voiced their appreciation to the spirit children who willingly entertained their audience.   With all this exciting activity it was time to disperse into smaller groups and investigate the spirit world of Rossington Hall. In the main hall with Stuart, Mark and Phil a group of ghost hunters experienced some brilliant table tipping and Frank's box, also Mark and a ghost hunter called Lucy watched in awe in the haunted corridor as they both watched for light analomies. Mark spoke of how he and Lucy watched with excitement as the light went from side to side along the far end of the corridor.   In the drawing room with Rosey, Lesley and Jez a group witnessed the K2 begin spiking and shadows were seen in the corner of the room as well. Rosey and Lesley joined two guests on the staircase one the guests claimed to have been touched on the shoulder. Lots of taps on table answering questions, K2 spiking, and cold draughts and another guest had his trouser leg pulled too, and the table began creaking as well as though it was trying to move and spookily a door upstairs opened on its own. Treena and Donna spoke of how the table rocked in a vigil in the downstairs myriad of rooms and they too had some fantastic K2 spiking as well on request, Treena also mentioned that a number of ghost hunters spoke of how they could see dark shadows moving about in one of the corridors too. Rosey, Lesley and Jez also mentioned that in the ballroom they had two tables going around the room together in tandem, and coincidentally the vigil with Mark, Stuart and Phil they too had two tables tipping and moving in the ballroom in a separate vigil. In the servant's quarters with Stuart, Phil and Mark although the vigil was quiet until the last five minutes when Stuart picked upon a spirit of a male spirit who worked at Rossington hall when the K2 meter sprung into life on request to the shock of the group, and Stuart described where he could see the gentleman was standing and moments later there was a bang in that direction as the k2 meters continued to go from green to red on request. As the night drew to a close and we packed up all the ghost hunting equipment our thoughts quickly turned to Simply Ghost Nights return to Rossington hall on the 8 th February 2014.