Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 1st November 2013

With a full house of ghost hunters eagerly waiting to communicate on a ghost hunting adventure at Ryecroft Hall, we commenced the ghost hunting event with a brief large group vigil where we experienced loud unexplained bangs, and the K2 spiking inadvertently as well. With some of our ghost hunters feeling as though they were being touched or had their clothes tugged by the spirit children that Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium had picked up on, the opening group vigil was over so quickly. With a timetable to run to and the vastness of Ryecroft hall to investigate it was time to split up into smaller groups and attempt ghostly communication with the spirit world of Ryecroft Hall. In the basement with Lesley and Mel  a group of ghost hunters experienced some table tipping in one of the smaller rooms just off from the Map room, Mel picked up on a spirit of a care taker who would go into the cellars for the occasional drink, unfortunately Mel did not get the gentleman spirits name. Also Lesley spoke of how the group heard footsteps and taps in the rooms as well. Rosey spoke of how in the wedding room a group experienced table tipping and glass work while communicating to a spirit called Mathew who had claimed to have been from the 1 st World War and had been sent to Ryecroft hall to recuperate from some injuries he had suffered in the war. Also in the wedding room Lesley and Mel made contact with a spirit called Maureen who had been a cleaner at Ryecroft hall and Maureen did not like Lesley standing by the toilet door like, as on a previous visit and also this was not the first time Maureen had made her presence known to a group of ghost hunters on a ghost hunt. Jez mentioned that a group experienced some great glass work while communicating with a former Reverend of the Ryecroft area, Jez spoke of how the group gleamed information about the Reverends past life in the Ryecroft parish. In a vigil in the upstairs back rooms with Stuart a group of ghost hunters were so excited to hear their own rapping's on the table been reciprocated back to them on request, and the brave ghost hunters could not contain their excitement as the table literally begun to rock backwards and forwards with only their finger tips held lightly on the table. Both Rosey and Stuart spoke of how they had in separate vigils on the top floor that some ghost hunters spoke of how they saw a ghostly shadow of a figure moving in the corridor near them. Also Stuart spoke of how he witnessed a brilliant Frank's box session where each of the ghost hunters heard their names mentioned via it. Lesley also mentioned that a group saw a light anomaly under the door which they thought was a torch light but when they opened the door no one was there every guest saw this light and was shocked to see that no one was actually at the door. In the main hub room Jez detailed that a bunch of ghost hunters while using the Franks box heard all their names mentioned and also the spirit replied yes and no to many of their inquisitive questions that they asked to their excitement. Once again our time was up and it was time to pack up and go home, as we thanked the spirits for their effort in communicating with our fearless ghost hunters on a ghost hunting adventure at Ryecroft Hall. However the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for our return on ghost hunting event at Ryecroft Hall in 2014.