Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Ryecroft Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 16th March 2013

Ghost hunts at Ryecroft Hall is one of the best venues to hold a paranormal investigation, because the building is so vast with a countless corridors, rooms, and cellars to investigate. We were joined by our good friend TV's Chris Conway at Ryecroft Hall, who had never visited Ryecroft hall and much like ourselves was totally in awe of the place. After a brief mediumistic walk around Ryecroft hall with Chris it was time for a brief break and on with our paranormal investigation of Ryecroft hall. The ghost hunt commenced in the theatre room with a large group vigil and not only had the pleasure of Chris Conway's company but that of a young actress and film star by the name of Tasha Connor who had played the lead role in the popular film When The Lights Went Out. As the we held hands in a large circle calling out for spirit activity both Jane and Julie claimed to have seen a shadow moving around an adjacent side room Jez one of Simply Ghost Nights investigators also spoke of catching something in the corner of the eye lurking around in the room. We had strategically placed two K2 meters in the centre of our circle of courageous ghost hunters when one of the K2 meters begun to spike through it's full spectrum of colours to the squeals of the group. Dan, Tyler, Mark, and many more of the group also mentioned that they could hear tapping coming from behind them towards the far wall, when they spoke further on the matter they insisted that it was as though it was emanating from within the wall itself to their alarm. With such an eventful large group vigil it was time to spilt into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication at Ryecroft hall. In a vigil with Stuart, Mark and Phil in the dark cellars Stuart felt the presence of a former Welsh soldier by the name of David,  Stuart informed the group that David had been present in the building during the first World War and as Stuart mentioned this the K2's on the table started to spike in unison to the utter shock of Danni, Nigel, Helen, and Mark. As the group excitedly asked for the K2 meters to keep spiking David the former soldier duly obliged to the giggles and laughter of the group. It was decided to attempt some glass divination in the cellar where yet again David made spirit contact with the group and through asking questions gathered the information that David had worked  at the Hall working in the communication department where all the important paperwork was kept. The group then experienced some fantastic table tipping to the amazement of the talented young actress Tasha, Debbie, Julie, Sue and Lynne. As the table tipped on request to each ghost hunter on the table their shrieks of laughter increased and so did the activity as the K2's also started to  spike in harmony with the table tipping. Nigel a Simply Ghost Nights regular ghost hunter accepted the challenge of going on alone vigil in the darkest depths of the cellar all by himself armed with only a K2 meter, sound enhancer and the night vision goggles, as Mark a Simply Ghost Nights investigator returned from taking Nigel on  his lone vigil, he was followed by Nigel retuning saying that he had witnessed a dark shadow and heavy breathing when he was alone. Stuart, Mark, and Nigel returned to where Nigel had been and to their astonishment they were all listening very quietly when they all heard really loud and booming footsteps as though someone was wearing heavy boots, all three of them turned around expecting to see one of the ghost hunters stood there, but to their disbelief no one was there as all three of them stood their in total bewilderment a k2 inexplicably started to spike. On reflection Mark and Stuart both declared that was the best example of ghostly footsteps they had ever witnessed. In the theatre room with Simply Ghost Nights owner Rosey, Chris Conway, and team leaders Jez and Jo in the dance room upstairs at Ryecroft Hall, they had some brilliant table tipping. Chris said that he was picking up on the spirit of a man, but the man wouldn't say much else to Chris. All the brave ghost hunters then stood around a large trellis table, as the group asked the spirit world to move the table the table began to move around the room and kept pushing and trapping the women on the table against chairs. Each time a lady ghost hunter returned to the table she was again almost threw off the table. At one point the group hovered their hands above the table and the table literally moved forward again to the groups excitement. Danni, John, Nigel, Helen, Jennifer, as well as the Simply Ghost Nights team in the room all stood in silence as they all heard the gentle humming of a woman in the room. Danni hummed a tune and the tune was hummed back by our obliging spirit to the groups amazement and disbelief. Also Jo and Jez reported the sound of furniture been moved around from the unoccupied floor above them. Once again we were beaten by the clock and has we said our goodbyes to the spirits of Ryecroft Hall, and our brave ghost hunters, we all went home looking forward to our next visit to Ryecroft Hall on the 7 th September 2013.