Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Saltmarshe Hall, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 22nd June 2013

This was the first ever paranormal investigation to be held at Saltmarshe Hall, and to be the first commercial company Simply Ghost Nights were deeply honoured to be invited to be the first. Saltmarshe hall is situated between Doncaster, Goole, Scunthorpe and Howden and it sits neatly amongst the fields of sheep.  The hall itself is shaped in a square and three storeys high, for our investigation we were allowed to use some of the rooms upstairs however we were really excited about using the servants quarters which up to recently had remained closed for over seventy years, with the servants bedrooms, kitchen, cellars, and even more rooms to go in search of spirit activity we could not wait to get started with our ghost hunting event at Saltmarshe Hall For a first time investigation we are always a little perturbed as to whether the spirits will want or know how to communicate with us on the earth plane, well our reservations were totally unfounded on our paranormal  investigation at Saltmarshe Hall as we had some fantastic paranormal activity. We begun the night with a mediumistic walk around with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart, Stuart picked up on the spirit of a Mr. Richardson, who Stuart claimed was in charge of the servants area who ensured that the Hall ran smoothly and that the Halls cellars remained fully stocked with all the  necessaries for his masters needs. Stuart said he felt that Mr. Richardson was a tough task master and would have been strict and even more so on the children who worked in service at the Hall. In the group vigil in the servants kitchen the group were calling out for spirit interaction when Stuart said that a spirit child was in the smaller kitchen next door, and that this spirit child was called Emily. Stuart described the girl as about 9 years old with mousy hair and that she worked in service at the Hall. Rosey rolled a ball with a bell in it into the smaller kitchen and asked Emily to roll it back, our brave group of ghost hunters listened intently when Les and Alison all excitedly yelled at once that they had heard the sound of the bell from within the empty room. Encouraged by this activity the group asked again for the Emily to roll the ball with the bell in it, and once again Emily repeated the feat. Stuart also made spirit contact with a female spirit who worked in service in the kitchen area, Stuart said that the spirit lady was more than willing to communicate although she thought the groups choice of clothing was somewhat funny. As Stuart described what the spirit lady was doing, Les and Margaret both said that they had heard the sound of humming from behind them. Could this have been the spirit lady humming while she worked, would the spirit lady and the other spirits of Saltmarshe Hall communicate with our brave ghost hunters. However this wasn't the only spirit interaction we would experience in the group vigil, as we called out for a sign from the spirit world suddenly to the whole groups surprise and shock the sound of the door latch lifting up and returning back into place was heard from the kitchen door, as Earl, John, and Stuart ran and opened the kitchen door half expecting someone to be stood there at the door but to their utter amazement no one was there.This had the everyone excited clearly no one had moved the door latch and the fact that the sound had been audible to all the group totally baffled us to a reasonable reason for the latch to move. After this fantastic occurrence that shocked everyone of us it was time to move off and splinter off into smaller groups to attempt ghostly interaction at Saltmarshe Hall. Rosey, Donna and Mel spoke of how in the luxurious seated area where they heard tapping on request on the bookcase, Rosey mentioned that they asked for tapping to come from a different location in the room, when they heard tapping coming from the other end of the room to the groups amazement. Also Rosey described how the K2 meters spiked as well in this vigil as well. In a vigil in one of the many bedrooms with Stuart, Jo, and Jez the group were communicating with a spirit from Saltmarshe Hall, Stuart felt that the spirit had passed in the First World War, as the group communicated via table tipping this was confirmed by the table tipping one way for yes and tipping the other way for no. The group continued to ask questions and the gentleman spirit reciprocated in kind by answering the groups many questions to the the groups delight. The group learned so much from the ghostly resident of Saltmarshe Hall. Another occurrence worth a mention was when Stuart, Jo and Jez were using the Franks box the group all called their names out, and yet again the Franks box proved successful when the group heard firstly Jo's name, then Les, and then Tony and then that was it from the Franks box and the remainder of group continued to listen fruitlessly for their names to be mentioned. Simon and Treena also mentioned that they too experienced some brilliant table tipping and some good results with the Franks box as well. Treena spoke of how they experienced some really good tapping on the table in the kitchen area. With such results been monitored by all the team we cannot wait for our next ghost hunt at Saltmarshe Hall.