Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 22nd March 2014

What a great night we all had ghost hunting at the creepy Fire and Police Museum in Sheffield last Saturday. Thankfully the weather was on our side for this return trip and the museum itself also seemed happy to oblige with activity. During our vigils and séances in the creepy and foreboding building plenty of fascinating and interesting phenomena was experienced by the various groups. who all appeared to relish the spooky and sinister atmosphere of the place. On top floor of the fire station two members of the group Sally a Brett had reported feeling disorientated and both had started to feel a stabbing pain in their chest in that area, as soon as they moved to another area they were both fine.  During this vigil people also felt cold breezes and reported being touched, we also made contact with the spirit of a former firefighter who appeared to use tapping sounds on the table to communicate with us.   On the first floor a group of ghost hunters were particularly shocked and surprised when a table tilting session had our table which is very large and heavy up one leg despite everyone placing their hands upside down on the table!.    During a vigil in the police cells area we were all very excited to hear clear tapping in response to questions which it was claimed manifested from a spirit named Cain who inhabits the area. Another group were calling out in the cells when Sally, Nicola,Brett, Rosey and Dani all at the same time heard a very nasty growl come from behind them as they sat on Cains bed.This unnerved Sally, Dani and Nicola. One guest requested a lone vigil so we placed her in the cell of Charles Pearce, she only stayed a matter of minutes before her fright got he better of her..   In the Engine house people in separate groups reported having tunes they had whistled being repeated back to them. Upon checking with the other groups, no one knew where the whistling was coming from.  Our ghost hunt at the Fire and Police museum was fantastic fun and gave us all plenty to consider. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Matt and Josh at the museum who always make our visit fun and run smoothly, and also our fabulous ghost hunters for their open-minded approach and willingness to participate even though one or two were feeling very uneasy just being inside the building.