Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Sheffield Town Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights, 16th February 2013

Firstly we must thank both Craig and Paul for their help and assistance at Sheffield Town Hall and both are a credit to the Town hall for their friendliness and professionalism in ensuring our event ran smoothly and look forward to seeing them later in the year. We cannot reiterate enough about the positive energies of the groups and this was one night where that advice was prevalent with yet another full house of excited ghost hunters waiting to explore the whole of the Sheffield Town Hall corridors and rooms, the team mentioned that they felt that it would be a good night as the energies in the building felt extraordinary high and we couldn't wait to commence our paranormal investigation in haunted Sheffield. Once again we started the night with a large group vigil in what we called the dance room, with it's ornate ceilings and beautiful decorations it is one of the most exquisite rooms we have been in on an investigation. As we held hands in a large circle Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium said that he felt the presence of a lady spirit from the 1940's era and that he name was Flo, Stuart spoke of how she was watching the group from the one of the windows, Wendy and Helen both said that they could smell flowers from the area of the window where Stuart spoke of her being stood. Velda and Julie both claimed to have the ghostly shadow of a figure from the other end of the room, Sarah, Becca and Jane all claimed to have felt the cold breeze of a ghostly hand touch their faces to their utter dismay and terror. Russell, Sam Terry and Carol all said that they had seen light analomies  moving across the heads of a group of our ghost hunters stood further round the circle. Stuart said that he could sense that another spirit had entered the room and it was the spirit of man, Stuart said that the man was demonstrating and saying 'to get out the room', as it was his room to look after. Martin a brave ghost hunter said that he felt the man to be standing next to him, Hannah claimed to have a cold breeze around her feet and this was also substantiated by James, Kirsty, David and Claire who all said that they too felt the cold chill around their legs as well. We did a human pendulum as well where the female spirit communicated with group and confirmed that she was indeed from the 1940's and that she was called Flo, the group gathered so much information about Flo for example that she had been married and that she had four children and also she the fact that she lived in Sheffield as well. With so much activity witnessed in the main vigil it was time to spilt into smaller groups and investigate Sheffield Town Hall. On a vigil down the basement a group of fearless six ghost hunters including Velda, Julie and Belinda all had to flee the basement when the eerie nature and dark shadows got too much for them. Rosey and Mel took a group of ghost hunters along the myriad of corridors and rooms and had a table tipping experiment  where the table would tip very gently on two legs  and rock backwards and forwards and was actually gliding down the corridor towards each ghost hunter on request. Rosey also described how the group were stood in a corridor asking the spirits of Sheffield Town Hall to dim or make the exit light in the corridor dim, and to the groups amazement and shock the exit light actually dimmed three times on at least six different occasions to their disbelief as the light never dimmed or flickered before they asked the spirit world to interfere with the light. In a vigil with Stuart right at the top of Sheffield Town Hall with Liz, Angie, Tony, Julie, Carol and Graham the group were calling out when Angie was sat on the stairs suddenly yelled 'O.M.G', and explained that whilst looking out of the window to the pavement below she had been watching a female figure dressed in white outside, when the figure suddenly vanished in front of her eyes. Angie explained that the figure did not move it simply disappeared in front of her own eyes. This had the whole group totally amazed and has Stuart said at the time do you really know who is a ghost when we walk around the towns and cities. The same group were listening to the Fanks box with Stuart and Simon in one of the many rooms at Sheffield Town Hall, when they started to hear a whole host of profanities that cannot even be added to the blog. This had the group aghast as well as laughing and when Graham asked for them to be repeated, the spirit world duly obliged with another obscene word, bearing in mind as the Franks box scans the airwaves no British radio station is permitted to use such vulgar and base words which were pouring out of the little box. While holding a vigil in another of the elegant rooms Treena, Mark and Phil both commented that they spirit contact via the ouija board with a gentleman who claimed to have worked at the Town hall, they gathered information that the man was married and that he lived during the 2 nd world war and that he was married as well. Although the male spirit was reluctant to give his name the group did garner so much information that Mark did actually say that the group felt that they had actually bonded with the unnamed spirit. Rosey also added that in another vigil using the Franks box the group were calling out their names when Shane was heard five times, one of the group was called Shane and due to personal reasons we cannot go any further in what was said to Shane via the Franks box, as it was so personal to Shane he had to leave the room. The message to Shane was personal although uplifting to him. It was such an active night at Sheffield Town Hall without even mentioning the results with the K2's and once again the scrying mirrors had fantastic results where one male ghost hunter claimed to have changed that much he looked like a female with long hair and a thinner face to their dismay.