Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Sheffield Town Hall, Yorkshire 19th October 2013

It was a complete pleasure to spend the night investigating the atmospheric and beautifully ornate building which is a fine example of Victorian architecture. We were joined by two staff members Jackie and Ron who were amazed and astonished by some of the activity we encountered. After our participants had enjoyed a brief welcome meeting and introduction to the team we took a break for refreshments and then got on with the vigils and séances. During a séance in the Red Room three members of the group were excited to see a shadowy figure reflected in one of the mirrors. We also during this large vigil had lots of taps and bangs which could have been something completely natural; however was it a coincidence that they came at the same time we asked for them? A number of other phenomena were also experienced during the night in other vigils including unexplained lights, tapping and vibrations on a table, feelings of being touched, cold breezes rushing past the aisles and the strong smell of sulphur and matches. In one vigil with Rosey and Treena up on the 3rd floor, some guests were so shocked at the lights going out at one end of the corridor; they proceeded to run towards the other end, what took us all by surprise as they almost approached the other end the lights went off at that end too. This left one or two of our guests quite shaken and we had to take a break to give some guests the chance to apprehend what had just happened. Perhaps one of the most eerie encounters of the night occurred down in the basement with Phil and Marks team when they had the most extreme bangs on command. What was so remarkable about this was a group had been in the basement just before this group and reported it to be very quiet with no activity. Like many buildings usually filled with people, noise and activity Sheffield Town Hall can be a very eerie prospect in the dark early hours with its long silent empty corridor's.  The place certainly has a unique and mysterious air which is charged with an atmosphere of the past. It is the perfect territory for any serious paranormal investigator and is one place to which we will certainly return for another event in the future.