Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Smithills Hall, Manchester, With Simply Ghost Nights, 4th May 2013

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunt at Smithills Hall, however Stuart, Rosey and Mel had been there many years previously on a ghost hunting event at Smithills many years ago. The team were so excited to be holding an investigation at this majestic old building situated in Manchester we were looking so forward to our paranormal investigation at this Tudor building with it's black and white features. We commenced the night with a group vigil in the the main hall, the main hall has a wooden floor with flags and motifs around the outside of the wall. we attempted to communicate with the spirits of Smithills hall and listened for a signal from the other side. Some of the group heard tapping in the distance, Simon thought that he had heard it from one of the corners of the room, we could not ascertain whether this was paranormal, we continued to callout and continue to communicate with the spirits of Smithills hall. At one point  the K2 started to spike and flash which was situated in the middle of a large room circle We began to hear  tapping and banging on the table, Bianca one of our brave ghost hunters again called out to the spirit world to continue tapping, almost at once we heard the distinct sound of tapping from a table behind the group. Stuart made spirit contact with a ghostly gentleman who was watching the group, Stuart said that he thought that the spectral figure was willing to communicate with the group.  After a few minutes of calling out this ghostly gentleman Stuart had made mediumistic contact with who was called Henry. Once again one of the K2s started to spike in the middle of the seanse. Jez also said that he heard a faint whimper again from one of the corners of of the room this was substantiated by Kerry and some more of our brave ghost hunters who were wearing sound enhancers. After after about 20 minutes of calling out in the group we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate the paranormal world of Smithills Hall. In a vigil with Rosey and Mel in Mrs Ainsworths room, in this vigil Rosey described how the table moved from side to side with everyones finger tips on the table. As the group continued to call out, Mel picked up on the spirit age of a lady, Mel said that this lady was watching and would communicate with the group.  In another vigil in the games room with Jez and Simon who were conducting a seance with a group of ghost hunters, Jez described how the glass ever so slowly spelled out the letter C. David a brave ghost hunter said is this the name Charles, the glass slowly moved towards yes, the group asked if Charles worked here at Smithills Hall, to the excitement of the group that they also managed to ask more questions and Charles revealed more secrets regarding Smithills Hall. As we were once again beaten by the clock and as we packed away our equipment we all agreed Smithhills Hall had been an amazing place to conduct a paranormal investigation and we look forward to returning there later in the year. On a different note as we were packing everything away and all the group were downstairs we all sunddenly heard some ghostly footsteps from upstairs bearing in mind even the guardians of Smithhills Hall and the whole group were in the same room who was what caused those spectral footsteps we will never know