St. Catherines Hospital Asylum Doncaster, Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At St. Catherines Former Hospital, Doncaster, 19th December 2015

This was our Christmas special at St Caths Old Mental Hospital in Doncaster, Simply Ghost Nights have held many ghost hunting events at this location, one of Yorkshires premier buildings. In the past we have experienced fantastic paranormal activity at Old Hospital and the question was would our latest adventure there be any different.?
St Catherine's Hall stands majestically, yet also dark and foreboding overlooking the countryside on the outskirts of Doncaster, The house itself was originally built for the Banks Family, and head of the family was Leeds Lord Mayor George Banks. George made his money from cloth and was so wealthy St Catherine's Hall was built as a country holiday retreat, and eventually his settlement home for him and his only daughter Georgiana.
In one of our vigils with Lesley up in the Attic a group were conducting a séance with good table tapping on request. Good taps on request also coming from different areas of the room. Quite a few of the guests were starting to panic as people were getting touched. One guest in particular sat at the table couldn't stop shaking but once moved out of the room she was fine.

In another vigil down in the cellars with Rosey during a experiment a group were delighted when they started to witness good table movement. Several guests were once again getting touched. Some excellent k2 activity as well. Everyone was reporting a sudden cold breeze around their knees, which then seemed to lead to hands and fingers getting stroked. Noises were heard from different areas of the cellar. Several guests felt very uneasy in this area, claiming it felt as though there was someone stood behind them.
Jez Simply Ghost Nights experienced investigator spoke of a brilliant vigil in the red room where the table moved between the participants and Jez being the ultimate professional ensured all fingers on the table were on lightly. Many of the guests commented what a fantastic vigil it had been with the spirit of a gentleman moving the table on to two legs.
The cellars provided an interesting vigil with Simply Ghost Nights Stuart, while the group attempted spirit communication forming a human pendulum, not one but two guests moved backwards and forwards for yes and no to the questions asked by the circle of guests. This incident had all the guests enthralled as the group realised they were indeed communicating with two spirits.

The  Kitchen was really active most of the night for most of our groups. with some groups reporting extreme table work, and people being touched along with whispers/Children Giggling etc through the ear enhancers. As it was Our Christmas event we decided to sing some old Carols which only intensified the activity. Great tapping on request and K2 work which seemed to light up in tune with the Carols.

In the Red Room which always seems to deliver we used the Ovilus . A few guests were shocked when they in turn had their names repeated back to them, the Ovilus is a phonetic generator which cannot be manipulated in any way! We decided to head into our welcome room where we had some k2 activity, coupled with tapping in the corner and on the table . The Table was vibrating and trying to move but we felt everyone had succumbed to tiredness which left the spirits short of energy too!. We decided to call it a night and look forward to our return on Jan 29th 2016.