Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Temple Newsam, Leeds With Simply Ghost Nights, 29th March 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights return to Temple Newsam for a ghost hunting event at one of Leeds most haunted venues. On our previous ghost hunt at Temple Newsam the spirits certainly entertained our brave ghost hunters on that night, would the spirits be as receptive to us on this occasion.   We commenced the night with a group vigil in the luxurious ballroom, with brave ghost hunters claiming to have seen shadow people appearing and then disappearing, and cold breezes been felt simultaneously as well, and on numerous occasions the K2 meters spiked in the centre of the circle. With strange lights also reported this was a very interesting opening vigil to commence our ghost hunt at Temple Newsam in Leeds.   In Miss Scott's room with Lesley and Stuart, Stuart simply Ghost Nights medium picked up on a 45-50 year old man called John and his two children,  every time the group mentioned the children the K2  meter spiked, some of the group could see the figure of the man John kept pacing in and out of the doorway. We also heard t aps and creaks heard on the table and table was also vibrating. While using the Ouija board during a glass work experiment we learned that John was married and he worked and died at Temple Newsam and he also took the glass to where he was standing in the room which confirmed what Stuart had picked up  on.   In the ballroom with Treena, Vee and Donna the table moved a couple of times while attempting a table tipping experiment and while using the franks box the group heard their names called back from the Franks box, and during a Ouija board session the group made spirit contact with the spirits of some 1st World War Soldiers too.    Rosey and Jez  both commented when in the Gothic Room someone asked Mary the well documented lady spirit if she missed her Pearls the sound of a woman moaning/crying was suddenly heard by the whole group. Footsteps and movement were felt between the table and the window and the group also heard a noise which sounded like someone tapping a glass with something metal in the room as well.   Jez and Rosey spoke at great length about what they deemed the best vigil of the night for activity, a male spirit had made his presence  spirit on a male responded to the groups questions by returning taps for yes/no answers, he also copied tunes tapped out, and tapped around the outside of the table so all guests felt it, also the group all were gobsmacked when they heard several noises from the area of a bricked up doorway, and what sounded like two men talking in the empty corridor.   Lesley spoke of how in a vigil a group of ghost hunters heard  footsteps from under the table and outside the door along the empty corridor a couple of really loud thuds were clearly heard too. Whispering was also heard by our ghost hunters while wearing the sound enhancers Ballroom. Stuart picked up on a spirit called Isobel and suddenly a very  loud knock was heard in the corner of the room as though Isobel had made a point of saying I'm over here to the group.   At the end of the night we had witnessed so much and heard a host of paranormal activity from the table tipping, incarnate voices, K2 spikes, ghostly shadows and much more the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait for our return to Temple Newsam in Leeds.