Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At The Liverpool Old Orphanage & Newsam Park Hospital, With Simply Ghost Nights, 12th April 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights fourth visit to the Old Liverpool Orphanage & Newsam Park Hospital, and it's one of those locations which you literally count down the days too, with it's endlees corridors and numerous rooms to investigate the building are ones where you could easily get lost for hours and hours. The night began with a large group vigil in one of the big rooms in the nurses quarters, we only stayed in this room for only about ten minutes before we commenced with splitting into smaller groups and really getting to grips and investigating The Liverpool Old Orphanage.  Nigel spoke of how in a vigil on the top floor of the nurses block a group of ghost hunters squealed with delight as the table moved ever so slightly during a table tilting experiment, Nigel added that the squeals soon turned to gasps of amazement as the table inexplicably moved backwards and forwards between the group, with only the groups fingers lightly touching the table they were speechless as the table moved more strongly. Stuart spoke of an incident in one of the corridors on the top floor that shocked even him, a small group were getting some loud taps on a table when they asked for something special to happen, when they heard an almighty bang on a toilet door 3-4 metres away from them, with no one near the door or in the same corridor and the door in full view of everyone the spirits certainly did do something special. This totally freaked out Ryan, Cheryl, Shirley and Stuart as well. Phil, Danni and Treena mentioned that a number of ghost hunters had claimed to have seen a shadow person in one of the corridors in the theatre area, and coincidentally Stuart said in his vigil in the cinema four ghost hunters had said the exact same thing.   Lesley and Chris spoke of how a shadow was seen in a doorway and shadows seen moving in the back of the room in the old school building, also footsteps were heard moving around the room.  Lesley and Chris also had guests sat round two tables calling out for spirit action when they heard taps on both the tables and one table was vibrating and trying to move. Lesley and Chris then moved to the room on the right with the blackboard in it, where the group experienced a hot spot seen on the window by several people through the thermal imaging including Chris which then fragmented into smaller pieces when Lesley put her hand near it.  Chris also added that they had loads of bangs on the window on request too and the night was still with no wind about as well.  However both Chris and Lesley said that the highlight of the night for them, was when three guests were heard being told to leave and then get out from the caretakers room which was caught on an caught on voice recorder clearly saying "Get out, leave".  Rosey and Jez both spoke passionately about a vigil in the welcome room when the table moved without being touched not once but three times with no one touching the table, Rosey said that everyone was stood away from the table with their hands above the table.  Jez and Rosey also stated that they had some amazing table tipping and K2 spikes in the nurses quarters and school room, and Rosey added that when they mentioned leaving some mints for the spirit children in the room the table literally bounced four times with only the brave ghost hunters hands ever so lightly touching the table. Phil also mentioned that in the school house that the whole group clearly heard two loud separate sighs as though there was a man in the room, in addition a door been slammed shut downstairs and when Phil went to investigate there was no one there.   Treena commented that one ghost hunter called Bob was spooked to have heard his name repeated back to him three times on request via the Franks box in Cinema area. Once again we had been beaten by the clock but what a night it had been, with so much activity recorded and noted b y the team The Old Liverpool Orphanage had  definitely been a memorable night and one we would not forget in a hurry.