Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At The Liverpool Orphanage & Old Asylum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 2nd November 2013

The Old Liverpool orphanage has to be one of the biggest ghost hunting locations in the U.K and one we relish every time we investigate the buildings for its chequered history and the sheer nature of its past. We were accompanied by Chris Conway and his ghost hunting team on an exciting joint venture of both companies. In the kitchen with Jez, Lesley, Chris and Stuart a group of ghost hunters were calling out for activity when Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium said he felt there was two spirits in the kitchen area, a male spirit called Alan and a female spirit by the name of Florence.   The group were calling out holding hands in a circle loud footsteps were hear dfrom the corridor which was only yards away, as everyone turned to see who it was in the corridor to everyone's disbelief no one was there, this incident had Sam a regular ghost hunter absolutely terrified. On further investigation no one was found to be in the area whatsoever. In this vigil during a human pendulum the spirits communicated via a brave ghost hunter called Vernon. Through Vernon the group asked Alan if they had been his footsteps and Vernon moved forward for yes.   Also in the kitchen the group were listening to the Franks box when communicating with Alan, with many of the group hearing their names called out on request via the Franks box, and extraordinary Sam another brave ghost hunter was called an obscenity every time he asked a question.   Also in the kitchen and shockingly the group were calling out for Alan and Florence the spirits in the room to move the table with no one's hands touching the table. After a few minutes the table moved only a matter of inches but the fact it moved without anyone's hands touching the table amazed the group and shows the strength of the spirit world. We then moved into the laundry full of anticipation and sking ourselves could the spirits in the laundry entertain so royally as the spirits had previously in the kitchen. With the laundry been such a big area it was decided to split our guests into two groups one group was in a large room off of the main corridor and the other group were at the far end of the corridor was a group of brave ghost hunting girls which was made up of Kelly, Kellie, Heather, Hannah and Nikki.   As Jez, Stuart, Chris and Lesley were watching a group consisting of Lisa, Helen, Denise, Vernon, Sam and Will, attempting a Victorian séance in the large room, and then some loud blood chilling screams was heard from within the dark corridor and emanated from the group of girls at the far end of the corridor. Lesley and Stuart bolted down the corridor to see if the girls were ok, the girls were in a state of shock and described how they had seen a dark shadow move in the room and tapping was heard at the same time and a light had manifested in the room as well. Once the girls had calmed down it was decided that Lesley would stay for the remainder of the vigil with the apprehensive girls. After about five minutes Lesley shouted the remainder of the group to join her and the girls at the far end of the corridor as they had seen a full blown apparition of a woman in a white gown, all the brave ghost hunters stood together calling out for the apparition to return when all the group saw the far end of the corridor light up with white light, this happened on request as a pure white light would light up from the far end of the corridor. On investigation the group found no possible way that light could enter any of the rooms and no torches were on in that area, what we wandered as we made our way up to the top floor who was the white lady that the girls and Lesley saw. On the top floor team leaders Jez and Chris witnessed a group of ghost hunters attempt a table tipping experience, with the table twisting and turning in one of the large cubicles to the group's excitement. We must confess the Orphanage had been an excellent night of paranormal activity from start to finish, with the footsteps and table moving by itself in the kitchen, the full blow apparition in the laundry and table tipping on the top floor as well guests feeling as though they had had their hair tugged, incarnate voices, spiking on the K2 meters it really had been a great night for all the Simply Ghost Nights team and brave ghost hunters.