Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts at The Old Haunted Liverpool Orphanage, and Newsam Hospital, 21st December 2013

This was a winter extravaganza of ghost hunting at the Liverpool Orphanage the Orphanage is a collection of buildings that were used before it became the Newsam park hospital, and it is a ghost hunters dream come true with its eerie corridors and rooms. Also with so much equipment still left over from its hospital days it gave a poignant reminder as to its past. To make the most use of our time here we split into smaller groups to really get into our paranormal investigation at this colossal ghost hunting location. In the main wards with Stuart and Graham the group made ghostly contact with a former nurse who had worked the wards of the hospital via the Ouija board, as the glass moved the group were trilled as the glass moved slowly as well as twisting.  The group asked a hatful questions which the nurse who was called Christine answered via the Ouija board to the group of ghost hunters' joy. Also Stuart explained that on the table the group could hear tapping as though it was morse code. Lesley and Carol spoke of how a marble that had been thrown as a trigger object actually moved twice on its own. Lesley added that some of the doors in the corridor opened and closed slightly on their own as well as footsteps and taps been heard. A small vigil heard footsteps and saw a bright light near naughty boy's corridor also shadows were seen at about a child's height. Rosey and Phil spoke of how they made ghostly contact with a lady spirit who had previously worked in the kitchen area, the female spirit answered the groups questions via yes and no, the group learned that the lady spirit had been cook in the kitchens and that she worked there for 12 years before she passed over. Jez and Chris had the spirit of a 5 year old girl on the glass in the kitchen she was an orphan and loved having the ladies on the table and when answering the questions she became excited when they sang ring a ring a roses Jez and Chris spoke of how the glass went round and round on the table. Lesley and Carol commented on when holding a vigil in the laundry the K2 spiked with taps on table. In a mini vigil with 4 guests they all heard scraping above them with no group above them at all which In the main hall with Stuart and Graham a group brave of ghost hunters experienced some brilliant table tipping, as the table began to move the group giggled with anticipation as the table travelled between all the ghost hunters on the table on request and tipped on to two legs. With guests claiming to be touched on the heads and hands from most of our team leaders, and some great results with Frank's box as well the spirit of the Orphanage had certainly not let our ghost hunters down with the level of paranormal activity that we witnessed.