Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Warmsworth Hall, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 26th January 2013

This was our first visit to Warmsworth Hall for over a year and as walked around the building in trepidation we considered whether the spirits would still want to communicate after such along break. We begun the night with a mediumistic walk around with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart, there was a number of spirits Stuart picked up on the walk around, one of them was a gentleman spirit Stuart termed the 'governor', Stuart felt this gentleman would have looked after the running of the hall, making sure the halls day to day life ran smoothly for his masters. Stuart also mentioned that he felt the presence of spirit children running about between rooms on the top floor. Watching and looking at the brave ghost hunters and then running back along the corridor to hide in another room. Would any of the spirits Stuart picked up on make ethereal communication and interact with our brave ghost hunters we would soon find out. We commenced the event with a group vigil and what a group vigil it was, the highlight of the vigil was as we sat in the dark in our large séance group calling out for ghostly activity and for the spirit world to copy our taps and bangs, suddenly Velda, Julie, Sarah, Matt, Ed and many ghost hunters claimed to have witnessed a bizarre shadow  moving around the ceiling of the room, after this was pointed out more of our brave ghost hunters also spoke of how they had seen this strange shadow moving about the room. Jez attempted to dispute that the shadow as another light source from somewhere else causing a shadow to move around the wall and ceiling, however hard Jez tried to disprove the shadow effect he could find no logical answer as to why so many saw the shadow figure moving amongst our brave ghost hunters. As we broke off into smaller groups to investigate Warmsworth hall, the feeling amongst the ghost hunters was that it was going to be a good night for an investigation. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo, Rosey mentioned how much of a fascinating time they had communicating with a spirit of a child who had claimed to have had died at an early age and this had the group excited when the name James came through on the ouija board, James is a spirit child that we have encountered many times at Warmsworth Hall, and even more bizarrely was the fact only Rosey knew of the spirit boy called James in the group and she and Jo weren't  touching the glass. Phil and Mark spoke of how they heard using the Franks box each name called out of everyone sat around the table in a vigil in the Cusworth suite, and Stuart reported how three brave ghost hunters who were using the scrying mirrors that each one of them reported changes to their feature and two of them actually said they turned into children! Most team leaders spoke of some degree of table tipping and Mel and Simon also explained how a brave ghost hunter had to leave one of their vigils after claiming that she had felt the a ghostly hand touch her leg with no one near her. Once again Warmsworth Hall proved what a little gem of a paranormal building it is, and the Simply Ghost Nights cannot wait to return.