Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 5th October 2013.

Woodchester Mansion is a Gothic building situated in a picturesque valley that as you drive down the road leading to it you it wind its way amongst the fields and trees giving an almost sublime feel as you turn at last and face the dark exterior of the Gothic Mansion. With gargoyles adjoining the exterior at almost every point and the Gothic architecture stands so prominently against the backdrop of its idyllic background. Once again we were assisted by Chris from The Woodchester mansion volunteers who ensured all our ghost hunters made it safely to the mansion, and assisted when required. We began with a group vigil in the atmospheric cellars where Paul a brave ghost hunter declared that he had seen a spectral shadow at the far end of the room, with Claire also stating that she too had seen a shadowy form moving in the corridor as well. After a few minutes of this vigil we then decided to break up into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication at Woodchester Mansion. In a vigil in the bathroom area with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters were absolutely amazed when the table rocked to and fro in a table tipping experiment in the bathroom itself, the group also experienced glass and some really excellent K2 spikes on request as well. Buoyed by this entire episode of activity self confessed sceptic George accepted the challenge of a lone vigil in the corridor leading to the bathroom. Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart escorted George to the corridor and handed George a K2 and a pair of sound enhances to wear. After placing the sound enhances on his ears Stuart left George all alone in the corridor, within minutes George was back claiming to have heard heavy footsteps next to him, and at the same time the K2 had spiked as well, with George been a current serving Army soldier he admitted the corridor scared him. In a vigil with Treena, Lesley and Rosey in the cellar the group witnessed taps on table in response to questions been asked, the spirit communicator was an American airman called Charlie via the Ouija board who had lost his life in the lake at Woodchester, he had a keen eye for the ladies and a couple of people had feelings of hair been touched and poked in the back. One guest had her scarf pulled down from round her neck. Every time the group asked for taps on the table another guest on a lone vigil in another area of the cellar was receiving taps in there too. In a table tipping experiment as well the group witnessed the table tipped backwards and forwards. In a vigil with Jez and Stuart in the dining room area a group of ghost hunters were listening to the Franks box and with each ghost hunter hearing their own name called out, first Claire, Jack, Tracey, Clair and then Paul, however when it came to calling out Paul's name an expletive was actually said instead of Paul's name to the aghast of the group listening. We decided to do another group vigil in the kitchen area of the mansion, as the group stood in a circle Stuart said that he felt that a female spirit was stood in the doorway watching the group, and then only seconds later the whole group heard a strange groan or growl in the adjoining room. On further inspection there was no apparent reason for the noise, could this have been the spirit lady Stuart had made mediumistic contact with. With the K2 spiking occasionally in the kitchen as well we finally ran out of time as the night had seemed to go so quickly it was time to call it night and head off home to our beds. We again had such a good time at Woodchester mansion that we are returning in 2014.