Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Wortley Top Forge, Sheffield, Yorkshire With Simply Ghost Nights, 14th June 2013

The event commenced with a group vigil in the tool room which is a vast room of industrial machinery, lathes and milling equipment. As we held hands in a circle calling out to the spirits of Wortley Top Forge to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. As we asked the spirits to participate in our requests for them to copy our taps and whistles we were stunned when the K2 meters started to spoke from green to red. Many in the group also exclaimed that they had seen shadow people moving in the adjoining room, Doreen and Maureen both said that they had seen a light move from  the adjoining room at the same time as the shadow movement.  Also the sound of tapping was heard from in the room as well, Chloe said that she heard loud tapping from one of the machines while wearing a pair of sound enhances. In the cottages Stuart said that he was picking up on the spirit of woman who occupied the cottage in the 1840's, Stuart said the spirit lady's name was Lizzie and that she was a compulsive cleaner and was dismayed that the group were there in her way. As the group stood in the room calling out, Maureen, Joanne, and Sara both declared that they could smell lemon and carbolic soda as though someone was using them to clean near them. Stuart said this was Lizzie cleaning around the group making her home spotlessly clean. We decided to use the Ouija board in this room and within 10 minutes the group of ghost hunters had made ghostly contact with Lizzie. The group asked Lizzie if they were in her way as she was so meticulous in keeping her house clean, the glass moved to yes, the group continued to ask Lizzie questions and she continued to answer through yes/no.  As the event drew to a close and we discussed what we had experienced at Wortley Top Forge, and we all agreed this little gem of a venue is definitely worth another visit again.