Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts Bolling Hall, 8th March 2014

Our ghost hunt at Bolling hall in Bradford was another sell out and one we all looked forward too investigate, Bolling hall is the site of the very first ghost sighting in England and has long been regarded as one of Yorkshire's most most haunted buildings. We have had experienced a host of paranormal occurences in the past and with this fresh in our minds Bolling hall is one of the teams favourite locations to ghost hunt in. The night commenced with a brief chat before we began our ghost hunting event at Bolling Hall,  as customary we had the large group vigil in the dining room unfortunately we had a limited amount of time in this vigil so we never really had any activity of note except that the K2's spiked occasionally and  a number of brave ghost hunters claimed to have had their hoodies tugged and some even said that they had felt their trousers been pulled as well. we decided to break up into smaller groups and see if we could communicate with the ghostly world of Bolling hall in Bradford.  Rosey spoke of an excellent table tipping experiment in the kitchen area, Rosey said that the table moved with only the participants fingers lightly touching the table. Rosey stated that her and Phil also noted that the table moved and tipped onto one leg also. In the kitchen with Stuart and Treena a group of ghost hunters expereinced a great session with the Franks box, where almost all the group heard their own names mentioned and when they asked for the spirit to tell them their name the name John was clearly heard, also the group made contact with a spirit called Robert via the glass as well. Lesley spoke of  k2 spiking on the bed in the red room and she also mentioned that all the group were all sat with their legs under the bed and Nigel said he had his knee felt. Taps and creaks on table were also heard and a 3 yr old child made ghostly contact via the ouija board as well. With the Ovilus III in the nursery room Rosey mentioned that a group of ghost hunters had an enlightening vigil with some of the words that were displayed on the Ovilus III, Rosey spoke of how the group were loving the words that they saw and the story that was told through the Ovilus III. Treena took a ghost hunter called Julie on a lone vigil in the Blue room who was sat on a bench,l while the remainder were in green room. When Treena went back to check on Julie she said she had seen a light come out of bedroom wall, Treena stayed with Julie and went sat on the bench with her and saw a cricket ball sized light come across the roomm from the otherside of the room to both, Julie's and Treena's amamzement.  In the dining room a group of ghost hunters were gobsmacked as the table moved in a table tipping experiment and the K2 spiked as well on requset as the group called out for ghostly interaction. As the ghost hunting event drew to a close at Bolling hall we all agreed it had been a fantastic night of activity and that the spirits of Bolling hall had certainly entertained us and our brave ghost hunters.