Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghosts At Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 27th April 2013

Our first ever ghost hunting event at the Gothic Woodchester Mansion was one full of excitement and trepidation as this was one venue we had visited through the day, however not through the night and we were counting down the days even months before the our ghost hunting night at Woodchester Mansion. We were greeted by Chris one of the custodians of Woodchester Mansion who escorted the Simply Ghost Nights team and our group of brave ghost hunters in convoy down the half a mile or so incline from the entrance to the majestic Gothic mansion to the valley below where Woodchester Mansion nestles idyllically amongst the trees. Chris took our brave ghost hunters on a tour of the building enchanting the group with a brief history of Woodchester Mansion. After the tour we had a brief drink and we were then ready to commence our ghost hunt at Woodchester Mansion. We begun the night with a group vigil in what we termed the dining room as we held hands in a large circle calling out for spirit interaction, Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium picked up on the spirit of a young man aged approximately 20 years old. Stuart said he considered the man to be from an earlier period than the present building stood at Woodchester Mansion. As the group continued to call out several members of the group saw a white light appear from no where and move from right to left above the fire place and then it vanished in to thin air. Alfie and Alice both heard a tapping noise from above. Jez one of Simply Ghost Nights paranormal investigators also verified that he too had heard the slight tap as well. Stuart felt the male spirit would have worked in service at the previous house that once stood at Woodchester Mansion, at one point Yvonne squealed that the K2 had begun to light up and at the same time Donna said that they had heard a guttural voice through the sound enhances. Sarah then spoke of how she felt cold spots on and around her legs and Krista and Dean also mentioned that they had heard footsteps as well. In a vigil in the bathroom with Rosey and Treena a group of ghost hunters all clearly witnessed dark shadows moving around the area. In the corridor upstairs Rosey picked upon the name Isabelle and the group decided to attempt spirit communication via a table experiment in the bathroom area with Isabelle, through the table tipping and rocking backwards and forwards for yes and no the group learned from Isabelle that she claimed she had been raped there and that she was a very unhappy spirit but she still visited Woodchester Mansion on visitation When we got home Treena did some history and found this all to be true! In the cellars the whole group all heard strange noises that were emitted from an empty corridor and  we all heard the sound as though stones were been thrown in the corridor too.   But what happened in the old kitchen will stick in the memory of every ghost hunter at Woodchester Mansion for a long time, Stuart had made mediumistic contact with a spirit of a child in the kitchen, Stuart described how the little spirit child was sat near the door to the kitchen. However to the utter shock of the group they all heard the sound of a child's giggle from within the area of the kitchen door. Everyone spoke of how they had heard the giggle and fortunately Jez and Dean both had recorded the giggle with their sound recorders and Jo claimed to have heard it as clear as a bell through the sound enhances. With the little girl giggles and table tipping, glass divination and what sounded like stones been thrown in an empty room on our investigation, it truly was a memorable night of paranormal activity at Woodchester Mansion.