Ghost Hunting @ Penrhyn Old Hall, 4th November 2016

The origin of Penrhyn Old Hall is somewhat enveloped in mystery. According to Roderick Moelwynog, Prince of Wales, grandson of Cadwalder, the last King of the Britons, built a Palace on this spot early in the eighth century. The family of Penrhyn are mentioned in records in Edward 111’s reign of 1327 – 1377.

In early times there was an ancient track way past this spot, and it is more than likely that the Romans made use of it during their occupation of Wales in order to reach the copper mines on the Great Orme. This is confirmed by the discovery in 1873 and in 1907 of a large number of Roman coins dated from the time of Constantine and of Carausius.

Saxon, who mapped this area of Creuddyn in 1575 marked the four churches of the district, Eglwys Rhos, Llangwstennin, Llandrillo and St Tudno (Llandudno) but only one manor is shown, namely Penrhyn. This shows that it was a place of some importance in the days of Elizabeth 1 as both Gloddaeth Hall and Bodysgallen Hall would also have been in existence at this time.
With a full house of ghost hunters it was time to see which of the former inhabitants of Penrhyn Old Hall would interact with us. So we split into our groups and went our own separate ways.
In the front bar area one group started off by trying a quiet calling out session which was very successful with taps and bangs being repeated upon request. Two guests both reported being touched on the hand whilst placing their hands on a table. One lady started to get slightly nervous when she felt someone touching her legs when everyone's hands were clearly in full sight on top of the table.
Suddenly one lady shrieked in terror as she had felt what she describes as a large hand place itself on her shoulder and run half way down her arm, this was amazing for us because on our last visit a member of our team had experienced the very same thing.
The group had thrown a small ball with a bell inside into a darkened area at the other end of the room and we all distinctively heard the bell as if someone had rolled the ball, but upon checking it didn't seemed to have moved.
In another area a group were attempting a table tilting session with much luck. Rosey our team leader suggested somebody ask in Welsh and thankfully we did indeed have a Welsh speaking guest present, as soon as the lady started asking out the table did everything she asked for. This made the lady's night as she came a sceptic and was the only Welsh speaking guest there.
Therefore she knew nobody else around that table could be manipulating it to do as she asked.
We will hopefully return to Penrhyn in Spring 2017.