Ghost Hunting @ Penryhn Old Hall, 9th September 2016

Penrhyn Old Hall sits only a few miles from Llandudno and the hustle and bustle of a holiday town and it's lively atmosphere. Penrhyn Old Hall is a lively, atmospheric haunted building with a history dating back almost a millennium. With a full house of ghost hunters it was time to see which of the former inhabitants of Penrhyn Old Hall would interact with us.

In the group vigil four guests reported seeing a white light in  the bar area and then disappear on investigating no white light was seen nor could it be explained away as the four guests were adamant what they had seen.

Stuart and Martin in area 1 spoke of how all the eight guests on the table heard tapping from within the nearby fireplace and at the same time a small white light was seen by the fireplace too. And once more we could find no reason for the white light or where it had come from too.

Rosey and Hannah in the bar area described how the table literally moved between all the participants on the table and how the K2 would spike almost on request.

In the bar area Stuart and Martin witnessed at first hand the R.E.M. Pod and K2 both alarming out and spiking on request, two guests squealed when they saw a black shadowy figure from right in front of them.

All groups mentioned some brilliant glass work with Rosey saying that the spirit of a female called Eleanor came through the glass in the area 2.