Ghost Hunting @ Revesby Abbey, 17th June 2016

On the 17th June 2016 Simply Ghost Nights made the journey to the impressive Revesby Abbey  for our first investigation at this location. With a full house of ghost hunters set to join us at this fantastic location our one question was would the spirits duly oblige in communicating with our guests.

Cassie and Sue described a vigil in the main hub where a female spirit came through and informed our guests via the Ouija board that she had worked at Revesby abbey from 1818 and that she had loved working at the abbey. Although the spirit could not read or write the gleamed that she had worked in service and that the initial of her first was C.
Rosey and Lesley mentioned a vigil in one of the large sound rooms where a group heard tapping on the table on request and the REM pod would alarm on almost on request too. Rosey did also say that the table rocked to and fro between all the guests to their excitement.
Stuart and Jez spoke of a vigil in the bowels of Revesby abbey where guests were feeling unexplained breezes on them and the Mel meter would alarm due to the drop and rise in temperatures around it. a number of guests heard the voice of a woman through the sound enhances.