Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse Museum, 16th December 2016

With our penultimate ghost hunt of 2016 at one of our favourite locations that very rarely disappoints Ripon Workhouse Museum, the Simply Ghost Nights team were full of excitement as much as our full house of ghost hunters.

Once the health and safety was completed it was time to commence with our ghost hunting event at this old building.

In the nurses quarters all groups described excellent table and glass as well as the Mel meter in Jez's and Stuart's vigil fluctuating within 10 degrees on a number occasions with guest complaint of draughts and breezes around them.

Rosey and Lesley mentioned a vigil in the Governors room where guests experienced first hand  table tipping and one of the guests wearing sound enhances claimed to hear the sound of child whimpering. All groups also mentioned K2 spikes and great responses from the Spirit box when asking questions too.

Martin and Hannah spoke of a vigil in the kitchen area with guests having a brilliant time on the Ouija board talking to a spirit called Ken who claimed to have died in the Workhouse. Ken informed the group via yes and no that he had penniless and once he had entered the building he never there alive.

Footsteps were also heard in the morgue area too and the motion sensors also were triggered in the morgue corridor as well. Guests as well experienced table tapping, glass work.

Once more the spirits of Ripon Workhouse Museum had  communicated to our guests and provided solid evidence of a past life.