Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse Museum, 23rd September 2016

We returned to the Ripon Workhouse Museum for a night of paranormal investigations at one of our favourite locations, Ripon is one of the most active locations we visit with plenty of occurrences happening on most ghost nights it is fair to say that the Ripon Workhouse Museum former inhabitants certainly love to communicate with our guests.

On the top floor Stuart spoke of a vigil where the K2 was spiking on request and during a table tipping experiment the table moved slowly between each of the ghost hunters taking part. One guest explained that she had seen the figure of a man while using the night vision goggles and two guests reported the sensation of being touched as well.

Jez detailed in a vigil in the main room of how two K2 meters spiked simultaneously on a number of occasions even though both K2s were situated at least 8 metres away from each other. Jez also mentioned that Dolly our interactive doll also alarmed out as well on request too.

Rosey and Lesley had a fantastic vigil in the main room where a group using the Ouija board spoke to a spirit who although could not read or write managed to convey using yes and no on the Ouija board. The group learned that the spirit was indeed a male who used to work at The Ripon Workhouse Museum but the group could not ascertain what  he did at the building however they learned that his name was Charles and that he was married to Ann and they lived in Ripon and that they both died in Ripon as well.

All in all it had been quite another eventful night at The Ripon Workhouse Museum with so much activity logged by both guests and team alike.