Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse Museum, 24th June 2016

On Friday the 24th June 2016 Simply Ghost Nights returned to the Ripon Workhouse Museum for a ghostly investigation at this former workhouse and asylum, the workhouse spirits usually do not remain quiet on our guests mission for spirit contact, would the spirits be their normally obliging selves we would find out soon.

Rosey and Lesley told of how in the boardroom guests were gobsmacked as they attempted table tipping and the table went up on to two legs in all manner of directions with each guest having their fingers lightly and solely on top of the table the table then went onto one leg and spun very briefly to all the guests amazement. 
Hannah and Martin when in the morgue and cells area stated that a number of guests when doing a small vigil in one of the cells claimed to have had their hair pulled gently and with each of them holding hands around a K2 which then in turn spiked to this little groups excitement and squeals. 
Jez and Stuart when in the Nurses area with a group of ghost hunters who were astonished when they witnessed the table rocking between all of them and at one point we all heard ever so loud footsteps in the next room with which everyone turned around to see no one in the room, however two guests who were facing the adjoining room did say that they saw a strange light just prior to us all hearing the footsteps.
All groups reported some great Spirit sessions too with a number of ghost hunters hearing their names repeated back and the occasional bit of industrial language was also heard too, once again the spirits had not let us down and had indeed communicated with our guests.