Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse Museum, 4th September 2021

Ripon Workhouse was our first event since Covid and what a night it was. We had the Main Block as
well as the Vagrants Block and from the get go, there was activity, it was clear that the spirits had
missed us and the guests and team definitely missed Ripon.

In the classroom area in the Main Block, there was reports of whistling on command, our REM pod
doll lit up on the stairs, there were also later reports of a figure being seen on these same stairs. There
were clicking noises heard, on investigation, the clicking seemed to move around the room. Our K2
glowed from Green to Red in sync with questions asked, there was activity on the Ouija board, where it
appeared a Polish male had come through to communicate, the details of which, we are yet to confirm.
Touches were reported on one of our guests arm and another to a guests ankle. The cat ball also flashed
on demand. 3 guests reported seeing a figure walking in front of them in the actual classroom. Another
group reported that through the spirit box, guests names were repeated and there were swear words
such as “S***, B*****” etc. used to describe the guests. One guest was told she had “nice tits” and
another was called “smelly,” This workhouse is renowned to have a spirit who uses this form of
language so all was taken lightly and in good humor.

In the Front Rooms there was a spirit who came through on the Ouija Board, a male named Phil who
implied that he had been murdered. He used some swear words to described his killers and implied he
was either 84 or 94, again any of this is yet to be confirmed. One of our guests would unexplainably
cough every time she went into the Pantry, so much so that she couldn’t stay in there. During a table
tipping session, there was slight movement on the table and a ball was lighting up on command in the
corridor and living room at the same time. Some guests even reported hearing someone walking around
upstairs which had been unoccupied all night. Another group reported that through the spirit box a
guest was called a “C***” and described another guest a ‘Lesbian’ due to his long hair. Another guests
name was heard through the spirit box and there were taps heard on the table.

In the Board Room, in the vagrants block, the K2 went from green to red on a number of occasions,
there was cold spots reported, touches felt on guests arms, heads and it was reported that the floor felt
that it was falling from below them. It also sounded like there was someone walking around the room
when no one was moving. In the nurses station there was reports of footstep, tapping and a REM pod
going off without anyone near it. The table also moved in this area slightly.
In the cell area, the table was moving on command, there were unexplained lights witnessed and the
ball flashed in the same area that the table was moving. One of our groups decided to occupy each cell
and left the investigator equipment outside, they all reported that the equipment went off in the corridor

At one point this group was stunned as the wall above the cells lit up as if a torch was shining
on it, there were no windows or explanation for this to occur. Another group reported that there was a
presence of a spirit called Richard within this area too which was confirmed via table tapping and
interaction with the K2 meter. In the mortuary voices were heard through the sound enhancers, the sound enhancers, a REM pod went off twice on request and on the spirit box it said the names “Ryan” and “Sam” which were the names of two of our guests on the night. This spirit also said that Ryan was wearing a “grey hat”, which he was.