Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, with Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting @ Ripon Workhouse & Orphanage Museum, Friday The 13th April 2018

Simply Ghost Nights ghost hunting at Ripon Workhouse Museum The Main Block on Friday the 13th April. With a full house of ghost hunters all eager to participate on a ghost hunt.

On the top floor the flashing ball would alarm out almost on request and while there was a vigil in the woman’s area footsteps were heard from the empty adjoining area and on investigation no one was found to there at all.

Glass work was also successful in most areas with the spirit called Jack making himself known to a group in the kitchen area, Jack informed the group that he had lived at the workhouse and had unfortunately died there too.

In the welcome room guests reported seeing shadows moving near the school room at the same time a door alarm and MEL meter alarmed out and in this area guests had an informed discussion with a gentleman spirit called Wally.

Once more the spirit box through up som3 interesting results in a number of vigils with the odd swear word been heard and guests names as well.

In a vigil in the living room area a R.E.M. pod was placed on the piano and the spirits were asked to affect the white box on the piano and moments later the R.E.M pod alarmed out.

Every time we come to either of the Ripon Workhouse’s the spirits very rarely let us or guests down with the amount of activity they produce and this event was no different.