Ghost Hunting @ Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, 23rd July 2016

Once more with a full house of ghost hunters we ventured into the ghostly realm that is The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum.

In the cells most groups reported rappings on the table and also Cassie and Sue mentioned a strange white light was seen moving across the table and then disappearing, was this incident spirit energy that the group had witnessed.
On the top floor with Stuart and Jez table tipping came to the fore with the table moving slowly and definitely between all of the group sat around the table and at one point heavy footsteps were heard as well to the shock of the group.
Hannah and Martin explained that when on the top floor a number of guests swore that they had seen a figure moving down the far corridor and when using the Ouija board the group made contact with a former police office called Cliff.
Lesley and Rosey also had an amazing time in the Cells where their group had table tipping and tapping on request as well, Rosey did say that the words police and cell were said on the Ovilus which surprised everyone in the cells.
All team leader did say that on a number of occasions that the K2's did spike on request and when using the Spirit box many of the guests had their names repeated back to them.
Alas once more The Sheffield Fire & police Museum did not disappoint.