Ghost Hunting @ St. Briavel's Castle, 16th & 17th September 2016

With two investigations on a full weekend of ghost hunting St. Briavels is the ideal location to run such an event a haunted castle with a brutal history. On both nights the activity was brilliant and with so much going on it was hard to pick out the highlights of both nights.

Stuart and Jez detailed a vigil in the west wing where a number of guests went on to the top floor to use an Ouija board and the remaining guests sat around the table to attempt table work.

The group upstairs spoke to a gentleman spirt who had died in the castle in 1642 and had worked there as well. The gentleman had conveyed to the group by yes and no and by asking questions that he had been a guard at the castle and that he had being a horrible guard to the inmates as well although he wasn't really nasty.

In the meantime the group using the table we're excited when the table moved in every direction on request between them all and rocked violently with the guests fingertips slightly on the table. When using the glass in this vigil the group contacted a spirit called Richard who claimed to have lived and worked in the castle looking after the horses.

Phil and Mark described a vigil in the main hall where a group of ghost hunters heard footsteps on the corridor and on inspection no one was there as the group had the entire wing to themselves, one of the K2's would spike almost on request and two guests reported seeing the figure of a tall man y the fireplace as well.

Rosey and Lesley recorded a vigil in the oubliette where cold breezes and drops in temperature were noted as well as whistling from a corner of the room where no one was. In the oubliette room the group had first witness at table tipping with Rosey adding that the table literally went up on to one leg and actually began to turn between all the guests at the table.

The spirit box was a winner as well when used with guests hearing their names repeated back and a few choice words were uttered back as well.

In the two nights of investigating the spirits of St. Briavels made their mark with communicating and interfering with our ghost hunting equipment and the team cannot wait to return on the 10th & 11th February for another Two Nights of Ghost hunting at St. Briavels Castle